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Why your website isn’t generating leads

Websites are meant to make a profit for your business. It is a sobering moment for the business person when he/she understands that the business isn’t having enough leads even when the traffics is high. How long will you wait to identify the cause of the problem your website has? A week? It is the right time to change something to increase the leads for your business.…

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Uses of Animation in UI design (Cont.)

Animation to send Notification

One of the marketing strategies of mobile application marketing is to send a notification to the customers. Usually, most of the apps send push notification to the customer. But the point is most of the notifications remain unread or they just get ignored by the visitors. If you use animation when sending the notification to the…

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How Web Hosting affects Site Speed

The time a website takes to load matters a lot! Normally business owners do different chores to increase the speed of the website like compress the size of the images, optimize the page size, CSS, JavaScript and so on. One of the important factor most of the people fail to notice is hosting. Hosting is one of the important factors that affects the site loading time.…

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Things that annoy your online customers

The web is packed with a number of E-commerce sites. Online customers are always looking for the E-commerce website which gives the best shopping experience to the customers. Most of the online business fails due to not offering the good shopping experience to the customers. Hire OpenCart Developer  from India for an  exceptional experience to the customers.…

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Increase Conversions Drastically with Improved Search Bar in the site (Cont.)

Here we have listed some of the key factors to be considered when having a search bar in a website:

The position of the search bar

Place the search bar in a position that is visible to the visitors. Some people may think that search bar is only required for the product pages. But the fact is that you should include a search bar on all pages of the website. Hire Dedicated…

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Website design and search engine ranking relation

The younger generation is always looking for new techniques to complete their task easily without following the traditional method. Most of the people think that there is no relationship between website design and search engine ranking. But the fact is the design of the website also reflects in the search engine ranking. You can Hire Dedicated Developers …

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