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Open-Source software (OSS), usually written without a hyphen as ‘Open Source’, is a type of computer software where the source code is available to the public.


The software’s copyright holder has given others the permission to study, modify, and distribute it to anyone and for any reason. Open Source is in contrast to proprietary software, where the code is kept a secret and there are a lot of restrictions on usage.

The Open Source initiative really picked up steam in the 1990s and the license has been used for many types of popular software. It is a good example of open collaboration and benefits all parties involved as they can combine to fix errors and enhance the software.

Indian Open Source Developers
If you are looking for Open Source software developers, India is the right place for you. Owing to cost constraints and affordability issues, Indian Government and the Indian developer community embraced Open Source wholeheartedly. That is one reason you find that developers from India are well-qualified when it comes to Open Source. They are very well conversant with various Open Source software package and also have the practical experience to face any challenges head-on.

Open Source Developers from Hire Indian Programmers
Hire Indian Programmers is an Open Source web development company with headquarters in India. We provide Open Source development services to companies located in the United States as well as other foreign nations. We are an Open Source development company that only wants the best for our clients and are prepared to meet your needs.

Linux, MySQL, PHP, WordPress, and Magento are all popular Open Source software and we are well-versed in all of them. We actually have extensive content on our web pages for some of them. You can take a look at those if interested as they are more specific.

Why hire our Open Source Developers?

The list of Open Source development services that we provide includes, but is not limited to the following

  • Drupal development
  • Os Commerce development
  • PHPBB development
  • Cake PHP development
  • API Programming
  • Social Networking Services
  • Migrating the existing application
  • Modifying the functionality
  • Addition of new features
  • Integrate 3rd party API
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Development
  • Design & integration
  • Migration and porting
  • CMS Development

Outsource Open Source Project to Us
Hire Indian Programmers is one of the leading Open Source development companies that proudly provides you service for application development and use to work on customizing open source applications to meet our clients need at various critical business levels.

We will make the necessary modifications, changes, and customizations to personalize the software as per your requirements. We can complete your Open Source project in an efficient and effective manner. You can examine our open source projects to see the work that we have done for other companies.

We at Hire Indian Programmers have a great knowledge of Open Source and if you choose us for your next Open Source project, we won’t let you down.

Require help in customizing your existing application and upgrading all the existing application into the new application? Reduce your cost to business by hiring the expert open source developers and get the guaranteed services from Hire Indian Programmers.

Recent Projects

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Years of Experience in Open Source Development

Open-Source software (OSS), usually written without a hyphen as ‘Open Source’, is a type of computer software where the source code is available to the public.

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