About Hire Indian Programmers (HIP)

HIP allows you to hire the best programmers in India, who will then embark on a devoted mission to concretise your business ideas.

Hire Indian Developers

HireIndianProgrammers was founded in 2003 at a time when the internet was growing rapidly and the business landscape was undergoing radical changes. New kinds of businesses emerged that called for the expertise of technical web and application developers.

Our company was established with an objective of deploying scalable solutions for your business ideas. Starting off as just a team of 5, Hire Indian Programmers has today expanded significantly, catering to clients from multiple countries. We recognize that today, if any business wants to conduct business, then online presence is not something that can be quickly dismissed.

Any business has to make an impact and also to sustain that impact, in order for them to successfully conduct their business. By hiring dedicated developers in India, businesses can make sure their customers and businesses themselves are connected together at all times. This is a gold mine waiting to be found – meaning that businesses can learn more about their customers and their preferences with newly available data. And this is what we at Hire Indian Programmers strive for.

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Our Indian Developers for Hire

Programmers, coders, developers, or whatever you call them, we’ve got Indian programmers for hire available for the below technologies.

PHP Web Development

PHP Programmers

Hire Indian coders to develop websites using PHP/MySQL, HTML5/ Css3 with OOPS Concept.

Hire WordPress Developers

WordPress Programmer

Hire a team of Programmers to create themes with a responsive design for WordPress websites including blog design and customization.


OpenSource Developers

Hire a developer in India for API programming, Youtube Integration, Google API, All 3rd Party API Integration.

Top Lavarel Dvelopers India

Laravel Developers

Hire developers in India for Laravel development and explore more new features on it.

CodeIgniter Web Development Company

Codeigniter Developers

Hire programmers from India for a simple and elegant toolkit with an MVC framework.

Expert Magento Developers

Magento Developers

Hire Indian developers for Version Upgrade, Migration, Payment and Theme Integration, Customized Extensions, Import & Export Products.


Zend Developers

Hire Indian coders to build powerful applications using the Zend development framework.

AngularJS Development Services

Angular Developers

Hire our programmers from India to build powerful enterprise single-page apps using Angular.


NodeJs Developers

Hire Indian developers to build, deploy & maintain network applications using NodeJS

Ionic Framework Developers

Ionic Developers

Rent Indian programmer for Ionic, a hybrid mobile application on top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova

Hire Android Programmers

Android Developers

Hire developers in India for Android studio 3.0, Social media integration, 3rd party plugins integration, in-App purchase and admob integration.

iOS Development

IOS Developers

Hire programmers for UI/UX design, Xcode 9 tool uses Swift4 and Objective-c, Integrate third party Framework, Social Media sharing.

How to Hire Indian developers?

Learn how you can choose and hire Indian coders for your web and mobile app development.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Indian Coders

Let’s explore how it benefits you and empower your team when you hire dedicated developers to build powerful web and mobile apps

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

By hiring developers for start-up, you can ensure greater productivity by saving time and costs of doing everything by yourself.

Communicate Directly

Communicate Directly

Our best coders in India are always ears for any kind of special inputs at any stage of the software development life-cycle.

Flexible Hiring

Flexible Hiring

Hire our dedicated developers, with a Strategic technical guide to always steer the project in Right Direction

Save Time And Money

Save Time And Money

You can focus more on your core business rather than handling the developer you have hired, in-turn Save your Time and Money!


Listen to what one of our clients say about us after he hires our programmers to develop his web application. We believe our business success is directly proportional to our clients satisfaction.

--Kerim Kfuri

Maria Camila- PHP Web Development Testimonial

I contracted HIP through its website. I did not know them. I also contacted other companies in India and other countries I sent the briefing of my project to all of them. From the first moment HIP was the ... Read More



I contracted HIP through its website. I did not know them. I also contacted other companies in India and other countries I sent the briefing of my project to all of them. From the first moment HIP was the company that best attended me, and understood my project, even before I hired them. We talked a lot in English through Skype, we closed the project budget. But what made me hire them was the seriousness and confidence that they passed me from the first moment. Even though we are in Brazil, on the other side of the world, we have daily Skype meetings, daily execution reports, distance and language are not problems. HIP is always concerned about performing the best for its customer because in any development there are corrections to be made and they are the first to point, suggest and improve the product. Surely what made me choose them was the professionalism, the good service, the seriousness and the technical knowledge of all of the team. I have other projects in mind and I will definitely hire them again and refer them to the people I know and need serious developers to make their dreams come true.


Listen to what one of our clients say about us after he hires our programmers to develop his web application. We believe our business success is directly proportional to our clients satisfaction.


Frequently Asked Questions


Hiring Indian programmers is not an easy task for any business owner because there are so many options available online to provide development services. Not all Indian companies are at the same level, some are excellent and some are average. So, you should be very careful while choosing the best company to hire Indian programmers. Always consider the below factors for hiring Indian programmers /coders/ developers.

  • Get to know about the age of the company. The older it is, the better it shall be.
  • Check the project record & industry-specific experience of the company. Always consider checking out the portfolio of a company.
  • Check company profile and its diversification. Both are good, a company that focuses on multiple technologies, and one that focuses on a single. But we would recommend you to go for a company that has a hold on multiple technologies if you are planning to hire a development team from India.
  • Check reviews & ratings of the company online. While hiring from a country such as India, you must look at what other customers of the company have to say. This will give you a clear idea of the ability of that company.

The cost of hiring Indian developers is not fixed because it depends on the project requirements, expertise, and experience you are looking for. India is a place where outsourcing of developers is regarded as the final destination for international companies, and even big or small enterprises.

So, the hiring cost is a lot affordable as compared to other countries. The estimated cost of hiring the developers is around $20 to $40 per hour. But, at the same time, if you hire a developer from India, especially from a company that is recognized for its services such as Hire Indian Programmers, you are going to see some great results starting from $10 per hour.

We are collecting the payments on a monthly or yearly basis as per the contract. If you are hiring developers from India on a monthly contract then the payment is on a monthly basis and the payment method we accept is via Paypal, bank transfer, and online credit cards, etc. While renting talent from Hire Indian Programmers, you can always stay assured about the transparency and security of our process.

If you want to build complex and large software and are searching for Indian programmers then it is not an easy task. First, you need to do a little bit of research on this and then you can contact us via phone, email, and website. We are an award-winning company that has offered development services to clients across the globe from India.

Our expert team of Indian developers provides you with the best solutions for your large and complex projects. Our Indian coders and programmers have amazing and up-to-date technical skills for building your enterprise applications effortlessly within the given timeline. Needless to say that we have delivered multiple projects with cutting-edge technology.

Hiring coders from the HIP can assure you with easy and effective communication access. We maintain our project management system where you will get an option to monitor your project and its daily progress.

We focus on hiring the top Indian programmers in our team and you can connect with them via Emails, calls, Slack channels, PMS, and IMs for faster and easier communication. So while your work is carried out by our Indian developer and you’re sitting somewhere in New York, you still can have the liberty of being on top of everything that is going on with your project.

We have a team of expert programmers from India because we employ only the best programmers in the country that have an average experience of 5+ years. We use the top-grading method for screening the candidate while hiring.

So, if you rent a programmer from the HIP, we can assure you the quality and you will get the best fit for your project requirements.

You can trust us at Hire Indian Programmers because commitment is our priority. The below points will assure you about hiring our Indian developers, coders, programmers, and designers.

  • 2500+ project completions till date on multiple technologies
  • We use the latest technology with 100% bug-free coding
  • Advanced AI-driven task monitoring
  • 910+ happy customers across the globe
  • Fast and easy communication with client’s
  • 18+ years of experience in this business

The below questions you should ask before hiring a developer in India.

  • What tools and frameworks do you use for app development?
  • What is your quality assurance process?
  • Are you going to update the project details during the development?
  • Can you give a guarantee about the delivery on time?
  • How much time will it take to develop an app?
  • How much does it cost to hire a developer in India? – Again if you’re talking to a 3rd party and seeking their help in hiring a professional software specialist in India.
  • Will there be any meeting scheduled with the developers? – You can ask this question for the company that provides developers on rent from India.

We use project management tools for better project monitoring. You can monitor and manage your developer’s performance by using these tools. You can always give feedback on your observations and we will make sure that is taken seriously and implemented.

Also, you will get separate login credentials with login IDs and passwords to use for the project management system.

We offer an IP contract signed by our Indian developers at the time of onboarding the project. This contract ensures you keep your confidential data, project ideas, and other related information confidential and safe. When you pay the last invoice of your project, we will transfer the IP to you.

So, opting for Hire Indian Programmers is a great way to ensure that you create the best software, web, or mobile apps possible.

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