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Vue.js Tools and Libraries

Vue.js Tools and Libraries

Vue.js is a very popular JavaScript framework that is used for building beautiful user interfaces and single page applications. It has several advantages over other frameworks – some of them being – small size, flexibility, ease of use and so on. Given its rising popularity, web programmers need to master this software so that in case, a client want to hire a …

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Key Metrics for apps to ensure its Market fit (Cont.)

Number of Downloads

To achieve success in the mobile app, the key metric you should never forget to determine is the number of downloads. Once the user starts seeing your app in the store they simply download it and use. When the user feels happy about your application they suggest it to their friends. If the number of downloads has increased over a particular period…

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Use of Animation in UI design

With the appealing User Interface, you can create the best impression. To boost customer retention and grab the attention of the customer it is important to adopt the design in every changing situation. Recent days using animation in the mobile app is found as a significant change which helps to design a more interactive app for the business.

More than the static…

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Web Application – Susceptibility and anticipation

In the web application, vulnerability is a weakness which allows the third party hackers to hack your system’s information. When developing a web application, susceptibility is one of the important things taken into account in order to protect your data. Hire a Programmer from HireIndianProgrammers who take preventive actions to alleviate attacks. In …

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Top skill set to check before hiring an Android Developers

Excellent in Java Android developers must have a sound knowledge in Java. The Android developer should have knowledge of object-oriented concepts like class, static methods and so on. The developer must have proficiency in the usage of programming syntax and structure. If you hire a coder with these skills then they can help you to grow your business.

SQL Expertise…

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Things to Remember While Choosing the WordPress Theme

Check for Translation

The main goal of developing a website is to provide the users with the finest experience. There are a number of themes available in WordPress with Language translation. These themes help the visitors who don’t know the English language.

Strive for simplicity

WordPress themes come in different colors, flashy animations and etc. Make …

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Top PHP Frameworks for Web development

Building a website from the scratch is a time consuming and complex process. PHP Frameworks facilitates the developer to create a scalable website for the business. Hire PHP Programmer from HireIndianProgrammers who knows the usage of various frameworks in PHP Language. Here we have listed top PHP Frameworks for the web development.

Laravel Laravel is a …

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Mobile App Designing tips

The app can deliver the promised results if you use the elements correctly. An eye-catchy mobile application will improve the experience of the customers. Hire a Coder who understands the marketing strategy and behavior of the users. The following designing tips will enhance the appearance and functionality of the website.

Interaction Design Good interaction…

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Best UX design strategies to engage the website visitors

You know the reason why people keep on visiting the same store to purchase the product? It is because of the look and feel of the website. With the best UX design, you can provide the customer with the right product in an easy way. UX design tactics help to increase the user engagement rate.

Use more negative space

Usually, people don’t want to scroll down the website…

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