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How to choose the best Payment Gateways?

Once the customer presses the buy button in the E-commerce store and navigates to the checkout page,he or she might have difficulty in choosing the payment type among cash on delivery and E-payment due to insufficient payment gateways in the website. This may result in a poor conversion rate of the E-commerce store.

What is Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway…

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Why you need a captivating E-commerce Website for the business?

As a business owner, it is the right time to understand the growth of E-commerce trends and its benefits. With E-commerce website you can easily make your product appear online with thousands of products. E-commerce creates the best platform to showcase your products and improve your business growth.  It looks like a challenging one for those who are not familiar…

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What makes OpenCart the First Choice for E-commerce Development?

When you are planning to set up an E-commerce store you don’t need to compromise on the quality of the website. It doesn’t matter how small or big your business is you have to select the right platform to achieve your business goals. You can go for OpenCart platform which is one of the most popular E-commerce CMS that offers you the best results. Let us take a look at…

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Shopping cart Abandon – Causes and how to overcome them

As it is an E-commerce website, we could not turn all the visitors into potential customers, even though you get enough traffic for E-commerce store. Shopping cart abandon is one of the major reason that affects the conversion rate of the business. You need to find out the reasons for shopping cart abandonment and work on to minimize that. Hire OpenCart Developer…

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Must have Magento Extensions for hastening your business

An E-commerce store is designed to sell a variety of products across the world. Each and every merchant will have different expectation levels about their business. Magento platform does not give solution for every single need of the merchants. In order to improve the functionality Magento extensions help the business people with numerous features and functionality.…

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Selecting the right CMS for your website

Every Business approach, from promoting to manufacturing is aimed to satisfy the customers. When you decide to develop a website for your business then you need to have a strong content management system to engage with the customers and adapt to ever-changing needs of the customers.  A content management system indeed helps in creating an interface between…

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Create Unique Online shopping experience with Magento

The internet has made the best marketplace for various products which are up for sale. With the help of E-commerce websites, you can purchase the product just with a mouse click. If you are a business owner, going to create an E-commerce website then Magento is the best choice which enables the developer to create an exceptional online store. Hire Magento Developer…

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Inevitable reasons why you choose a Magento Developer

At the beginning of the E-commerce store launch, the business people feel easy to manage the store because the customers and the population of the website are limited. Once your business started growing you should add a number of products and you need to manage the products under various categories. It becomes the huge responsibility for the business people…

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Which E-commerce Platform ideal for your business?

Not sure which is the best platform to create an E-commerce store? There are number of E-commerce platforms available for the startups to choose from. By choosing the correct platform you can easily fulfill the requirement of the customers. Hire Magento Developer from the leading company like HireIndianProgrammers, who not only understand your requirement…

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UX design strategies (Continuation of Best UX design strategies)

Include Search field

The role of the search field is important which helps the user to get the desired product which they are looking for. Without search field, the user feels difficult to find the right product. The search field is a much more important factor to engage the visitors in your website. Hire a Programmer who is well experienced in handling these elements.…

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