Tidying Up Your WordPress Website

Tidying Up Your WordPress Website

As experienced WordPress programmers at HireIndianProgrammers who have helmed a variety of WordPress Development projects for our clients, we have come to realise that one of the most important tasks is maintaining the website in the long term. WordPress Developers will know that consistency is of the highest order while providing such services to clients. Tidying up a WordPress website from time to time can work wonders. However, if it is not paid due attention, the site will start accumulating unnecessary items and can become very sluggish. This will negatively impact the performance of the site.

In this blogpost, our WordPress Developers seek to give you tips on how to carefully remove unwanted elements. If developers providing WordPress Development services do not exercise caution, they might end up with broken links.


Remove Unwanted Baggage

Whenever a Client is hiring a WordPress Programmer from a company, the former would benefit from a healthy, professional relationship with the latter. Only in such a relationship, there will be definitive action on removing unnecessary items such as unused and extra plugins and themes. These plugins and themes have the potential to not only slow down general performance but also pose as a security threat.

WordPress Programmers also have their task cut out in clearing out old content and irrelevant modifications. These elements also add to the general clutter, especially if the client is one to generate large quantities of content with frequent updates. The easiest way to initiate this process is to remove drafts that are no longer of use. Another simple yet effective way of bringing revisions under control is for WordPress Developers to manually place a limitation on the maximum revisions through code.


Re-sorting the Clutter

Clients hiring WordPress Developers can also take other measures in sorting through the clutter. For instance, programmers can scan through their media folders and remove the extra images in the form of thumbnails. Here again, due caution is encouraged which can be exercised by checking the trash bin. The general rule is to remove those that are not are used any longer and not of significance.

WordPress Programmers can also spruce up their WordPress Website by cleaning the Dashboard. This can be done by clearing those notifications, items, entries, widgets that are proving to be a burden. Developers can use the Admin Menu Editor to achieve the same. Clearing the dashboard will not only give a clean look but also allows the WordPress Developer to do regular work.

There are many tools available to the WordPress Developer, both built-in and third party to de-clutter their website.  Some of them are WP-Optimise, WP-Sweep and so on. Experienced WordPress Developers who have been in the industry for long will be technically strong enough to weed out unnecessary elements by coding itself.
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