Lovelike was born with the aim of bringing together and making the ecosystem between entrepreneurs, digital influencers, and end consumers simpler and more transparent.

Sell, buy and pay with Lovelike!

With Love like everyone wins and the bureaucracy can be left to us!

Lovelike is a dynamic and revolutionary platform that connects companies, users, and digital influencers around the referral and purchase experience, making life easier for each one of them.

Through a network of exclusive advantages and a secure and reliable payment gateway, our Marketplace effectively offers the best tool to:

– User: buy online or pay offline, follow your trusted digital influencers and referrals, enter company and digital influencer sweepstakes, win discount coupons, gain access to exclusive products, earn love coins with every purchase, and more. A real advantage club!

– Digital Influencer: increase the profitability of your referrals, formalize partnerships with entrepreneurs and increase your engagement with your followers. Join a new era of influencers and earn more by doing what you already do!

– Entrepreneur: increase your income, manage your results better, through a new concept of Influence Marketing. An alternative and innovative form of dissemination. Increase your sales and pay only when you sell!

We are not just another app, we are a community that seeks to strengthen the relationship between companies, digital influencers, and consumers so that everyone wins.

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