Completed Magento Project: AFLOATBNB

Completed Magento Project

AFLOATBNB have stationary boats for hire situated in the most fabulous locations, the perfect base from which to enjoy the scenic and tranquil surroundings.

It is for all who have boats / yachts or other afloat vacation accommodation to spare, and for those who are looking for a exciting place to stay.It can also to be Rented a boat / yacht by the free of charge to generate revenue while docked at the marina.

What we have done?

1) We integrated the store views for different languages.
2) Upgraded the version from 1.7 to magento1.9.3.3
3) Google map location are integrated.
4) Integrated the live chat option.
5) Facebook ads extension are integrated.
6) Paypal pro and advanced payment method are done.