Upping your UX game

As experienced and committed developers, we are aware of and understand the importance of user experience in any web application including in mobile ecosystems. In fact, in many cases, UX becomes the compelling factor for users to access the web more in the context of smartphones. This is because of the increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets. A bad UX can break the business of the client and result in erosion of brand equity too. We have come across clients sharing their frustration of hiring a programmer for developing their business website only to end up with a not-so-elegant UX that in turn wasn’t able to take off in a meaningful way. In this blogpost, we will share our insights on how to upgrade your UX design skills. This assumes greater significance in the face of increased competition among UX designers and the need to stand out from the crowd.


Skilful Sourcing

One of the first and important things that UX designers need to remember is to gather as much inputs as possible, both from the client side and the user side. Getting multiple perspectives can help developers to design better in terms of both functionality and aesthetically. Gathering inputs in itself requires meticulous planning that includes asking the right questions to the right people through means like questionnaires, direct interviews etc. Secondly, developers must know that UX designing is a multi-stakeholder process involving agents like marketers, team leaders, testers, colleagues, clients etc. Having said that, they will need to deliberate on the various feedback given to/by them through different channels. Smart prioritising is of the essence. As you might have figured it out, communication plays a key role in both these stages.

Constant Reinventing

Next, developers would do well to stay abreast of the emerging trends and technologies like AI, AR/VR, IOT and so on. Why, you ask? Because, UX designing is strongly linked to business and we are seeing massive overhaul of businesses aided by these technologies. Therefore, developers would need to constantly upgrade themselves in order to stay relevant and be ahead of the competition. The advent of internet driven applications has another side to it – addiction. We have all seen the impact of social media and mobile games on teens and young working adults. More often than not, it can prove to be harmful for them, especially in the long term. This also needs to be taken into consideration while designing such intensive applications for the greater good.

Getting the message across

This in our opinion is crucial, given that there are many others who are working on your project – coders, testers, marketers, clients. Often, developers will need to don multiple hats effectively to get their message across. This also means putting efforts to understand others’ work. It will also give a complete picture of the business in its entirety. Ultimately, it goes a long way in producing great user experiences because of this one crucial factor and that is empathy. In fact, it would not be farfetched to conclude that empathy forms the basis for web development in general and UX designing in particular.
Now that you have gone through our post, what do you think is required for a great UX? Let us know your ideas below.

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