Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2019

Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2019

In the software development space, PHP has been the go-to framework for coders in developing web applications. Being an open source server-side scripting language and almost 80% of websites using PHP, it is extremely popular and useful for business web application developers to get the hang of it. An ideal PHP framework must have certain elements like efficiency, password protection, ease of learning and so on.

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In this blogpost, we will take a look at the top 5 frameworks.



In the world of PHP, Laravel is the most popular and used framework. Simply for the reason that it has the ability to develop complex web applications at a greater effectiveness and efficiency than its rivals. After all, doing more with greater speed is what developers wish for. Laravel has unique packages such as Laravel Horizon, Laravel Nova, Laravel Echo etc;

Using Laravel has its advantages, some of them being – readability, simplicity, value and elegance designed for both the well-seasoned and new developers. It can also be used for individual developers or for large teams.Our PHP developers at HireIndianProgrammers are specialists in Laravel among other frameworks. You can browse through our team and hire a PHP developer for your business site right away.



The Phalcon is a new entrant in the PHP Framework scene – started in 2012. It is a full stack framework and owing to its full optimisation of C and C++, it offers very high performance and makes it one of the fastest and easiest frameworks in the scene.

The installation process is quite simple, making it almost readily available. Due to its outstanding memory allocation and execution speed, it is very suitable for developing blazing fast, high end applications, especially in line with business enterprise guidelines.



Symfony is well known among PHP developers to create large scale web applications. It includes very large libraries that are reusable and are known to allow authentication, configuration, security, creation, and a host of other features.

Some critical advantages of Symfony is its less repetition of codes, standalone components, speeding up of maintenance and creation of web applications.You can hire a PHP developer from us if you are looking to expand your business and design an appropriate website for large scale operations.



One of the easiest frameworks to use is the CodeIgnitor. Additionally, it also has a strong security system to protect against attacks such as XSS and CSRF.

It is designed for developers that needed an elegant yet simple toolkit in mind when developing full-featured web applications. With CodeIgnitor, typical version conflicts are avoided. It also handles errors very easily along with various choices in models and views.



This framework supports both PHP4 and PHP5 as well. It has a very concise coding and therefore it is very much preferred among PHP developers.

Additional features include code generation and allowing developers to build prototypes quickly with ease. CakePHP has a set of conventions to guide you while developing an application. It is elegant and simple with a rich CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) framework that allows you to create visually stunning websites loaded with tons of features. There is no element of complication with everything you need built in: accessing databases, authentication, validation etc;

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