Rectifying the Major Nuisances of WordPress Dashboard

Rectifying the Major Nuisances of WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Development is quite popular among WordPress developers and Programmers owing to the fact that it is open source and brings down costs significantly while building good websites. WordPress has a large marketplace that enables developers to create plugins and themes.

But not everything has to be perfect and WordPress is no exception. There are certain problems and issues faced widely by WordPress developers. It is essential that you are aware of these issues, especially if you are planning to hire a WordPress developer to build your business website. These issues are not new to the WordPress world per se. They are present in every other industry like TV, Print, Radio etc; They are none other than annoying promotions.

It all started with a recent feature in version 7.1 of JetPack. It had started to promote its own products on the WordPress Plugin search screen. But this did not go well with the WordPress Community. Not only JetPack, even other plugin providers have been littering the WordPress Dashboard with their products. They may be in the form of donations, request for upgrades and reviews. Yet, one can argue that this was bound to happen in an open source platform.

The thing is that with high competition among plugins and theme developers, there will invariably be promotions to get their product in the frontline. The dashboard in WordPress is the best place for that. Over a period of time, these ads notifications can be quite frustrating and intrusive. All these can be annoying nuisances to the dedicated WordPress developer.


So what is the way forward?

Since WordPress is in one way or the other a space to make money, the onus ultimately lies on the developers themselves to figure out the kind of promotions. If you are hiring a dedicated WordPress developer, they would do well to avoid the worst promotions. It is important to estimate the change in functionality while removing the plugins.

You could also directly get in touch with the developer who is promoting and let her know that you cannot put up with the incessant ads. Change does not happen overnight but little actions such as these can evolve to a stage where developers think twice to promote. So backlash is essential to curb these nuisances.

Yet another way to stop these nuisance is to install a dedicated a plugin that blocks promotions – much like adblocker for the web browser.

Finally, each developer must decide for himself how far they will put up with gimmicky promotions in the process of building websites.

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