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We at Hire Indian Programmers have a committed group of knowledgeable WordPress developers in India who can help. Our WordPress development company in India provides a simple and cutting-edge approach to recruiting committed WordPress specialists who contribute knowledge and affordability to your projects.

With a proven track record spanning more than 20 years, our staff seamlessly meets your specific needs. Hire WordPress developers in India from Hire Indian Programmers because we'll make any concept you have for your website a reality. We have the skills to offer excellent outcomes in various areas, including unique themes, robust enterprise solutions, skilled CMS development, and smooth eCommerce integration .

  • Superior Code Optimization.
  • Consistent Reporting.
  • No Contract Obligations.
  • Flexible Exit Policy.
  • Hire Indian Programmer certification
  • Hire Indian Programmer certification
  • Hire Indian Programmer certification
  • Hire Indian Programmer certification

20+ Years of Experience.

540+ Happy Clients

620+ Completed Projects.

1/3rdof the Market Price.

Experience the Magic of Websites Created by Our Experts

Here at Hire Indian Programmers, your quest for a top-notch WordPress developer ends. Our WordPress development company in India comprises skilled WordPress experts prepared to precisely and expertly handle your customization and maintenance needs.


Custom WordPress Development

With our selection of highly adjustable templates, plugins, and custom WordPress websites, you can stand out without effort. With the help of our devoted team of developers, you can improve your online presence and optimize your website while assuring smooth integration and unique customization.


WooCommerce Development

Make use of the potential of a customized WordPress eCommerce site to grow your online business. Our devoted remote engineers are pros at integrating WooCommerce and offer faultless solutions for your website. Enhance your eCommerce experience by utilizing the possibilities of bespoke themes, feature-rich development, and simple payment integration.


WordPress Theme Development

To ensure that your website shines with brilliance, hire WordPress developers from India from Hire Indian Programmers. Our experts stay one step ahead of the curve, implementing the newest technology and best practices. Let us bring your brand to life online and give your audience a unique user experience.


WordPress Migration Services

Switch to WordPress without experiencing any headaches or data loss. Our WordPress development specialists in India provide simple solutions for trouble-free CMS migration and version upgrades, ensuring a smooth user experience throughout. So that you can concentrate on what's most important—your online success—trust us to handle your move with care and precision.


WordPress Maintenance Service

Our committed WordPress development experts in India offer thorough post-project support, eCommerce knowledge, and long-term maintenance solutions to give you peace of mind. Thanks to their dedication to quality, you can be confident that your website will flourish and develop going forward, fulfilling your business demands today and in the future. Join together with us to maximize the potential of your WordPress website!


WordPress Plugin Development

Hiring WordPress Developers in India will assist in developing custom plugins specifically designed to meet your business needs. We offer our services from the inception of the idea to deployment. Join us to upgrade your website and provide visitors with a remarkable online experience!


WordPress CMS Development

Experience the power of feature-rich, easy-to-use content management systems tailored to your needs. With their unrivalled expertise in developing WordPress CMS websites, our knowledgeable Indian programmers are prepared to take your website to new heights. Join forces with us to maximize the power of your online presence!


eCommerce Website Development

Our WordPress programmers work remotely and are experts in creating specialized eCommerce solutions with user-friendly online shopping portals, effective shopping carts, and seamless payment integration. Take advantage of the chance to build a strong online presence and watch your company succeed in the marketplace and hire WordPress developer in India!


PSD to WordPress

Convert your PSD designs into engaging and dynamic WordPress websites with perfect accuracy. Our team of professionals specializes in PSD to WordPress conversion, ensuring your idea becomes a reality. Watch your website come to life most amazingly by embracing the seamless integration of your designs!

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We’re Expert At Below Wordpress Development Tools

Hire offshore Wordpress developers who excel in working on numerous Wordpress Development Tools for building tailor-made applications as per your business requirement.

Frontend & Backend

HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools HTML5
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools CSS3
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools JS
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools jQuery
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools HTML5
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools HTML5
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools Ajax

Database & Cloud & DevOps

HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools MySQL
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools AWS
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools Google cloud
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools DigitalOcean


HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools Yoast
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools WooCommerce
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools RankMath
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools WPForms
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools Contact Form7
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools Elementor
HIP Expert at wordpress Development Tools ACF

Themes & Builders

HIP Expert at wordpress Themes Astra
HIP Expert at wordpress Themes elegant
HIP Expert at wordpress Themes News12
HIP Expert at wordpress Themes uncode
HIP Expert at wordpress Themes Adforest
HIP Expert at wordpress Themes WP-Residence
HIP Expert at wordpress Themes WP-backery

Discover the Advantage of Hiring Our Skilled WordPress Programmers

Regarding WordPress development, our team comprises experienced developers with deep knowledge. Hire a WordPress developer in India to ensure efficient handling of complex requirements and the delivery of high-quality solutions.


High-quality Service

Our commitment to high-quality service guarantees that the end product meets and exceeds expectations, leading to customer satisfaction and a positive experience.


Trustworthy & Reliable

Trust is the core of our business relationships. We ensure clients can confidently rely on us to meet and fulfil their needs and requirements.


Expertise & Experience

With our team's expertise and experience in WordPress development, projects are executed with precision, resulting in optimal solutions.


SEO Focus

Our experts leverage and implement best SEO practices. An optimized website structure with proper meta tags, content, and URLs contributes to improved search engine rankings.


24/7 Available

Work round-the-clock to answer all questions of clients on their preferred platform.


Transparent solutions

Transparency in the development process and solutions provided instils trust and confidence in the client. Hiring WordPress developers in India will engage in clear communication, provide progress reports, and adhere to code standards that contribute to this transparency.

No Freelancers

100% Real Reviews

No Contract Lock-ins

Build a Website Easily With WordPress

Here's how you can add our talent to your team to build your tailor-made applications:

Diligent Team of Developers

Our team comprises designers, programmers, developers, managers and engineers. They become your in-house resource to build websites, mobile applications, API programming and more. You can select, interview and shortlist amongst an elaborate list of developers, to find the ones that align with the vision of your project.

How You Benefit:
  • Build a committed team of PHP developers as per your requirement and preference
  • Function seamlessly with an in-house team
  • Transparent transactions and costing
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Affordable Price Models

After you've chosen your team, we offer you a fixed-price model. This price model helps in dedicated, long-term budget planning and finalizes the scope of your project. State all the technical assistance you require and the price model will be applicable accordingly.

How You Benefit:
  • Fixed the one-time price for PHP developers' deployment
  • Easy budget-planning and contract finalizing
  • Fixing the target time and scope of the project
  • Minimum customer supervision
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Hourly Price Model

To offer you flexibility, we offer hourly price models. You have a choice to pay us for the time we spend working on your business project. This model helps sort the issue of undefined timelines and business requirements.

How You Benefit:
  • Get a monthly invoice for all your payments
  • Get charged only for PHP developer's work
  • Select the working hours you require based on the project
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Success Stories Of Hiring The Best Programmers From India

  • Kerim-Kfuri

    Listen to what one of our clients say about us after he hires our programmers to develop his web application. We believe our business success is directly proportional to our clients satisfaction.

    --Kerim Kfuri

  • maria camilla

    I contracted HIP through its website. I did not know them. I also contacted other companies in India and other countries I sent the briefing of my project to all of them. From the first moment HIP was the ... Read More


  • Marco Gonzalez Hauge

    Listen to what one of our clients say about us after he hires our programmers to develop his web application. We believe our business success is directly proportional to our clients satisfaction.

    --Marco Gonzalez Hauger

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs.

What type of WordPress websites have you built so far?

WordPress opens endless opportunities for creativity. Get access to our best WordPress developers who are flexible enough to create anything on the web with the perfect blend of themes and plugins. But still, the sky has its limit, and in terms of WordPress, we have built websites for E-commerce, SaaS websites, forums, personal webpage, nonprofit and community websites.

How are your WordPress developers different from others?

WordPress enables self-publishing of your website but hiring a talented WordPress designer is a good idea to redesign and build any phase. Our front-end WordPress designers have intense HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL skills. Also, we look after the dynamic content, database and understand your market trends and industry requirements. This sets us apart from the rest of the competitors as well as freelancers on Upwork and Fiverr.

How to hire WordPress developers?

You just have to take a few steps to hire a specialist WordPress programmer at your company. You can pick any of our pricing models from a dedicated team, fixed price model, or hourly model. When your project needs keen attention, go with the reliable team model, and if you need an extensive plan and organization, then a fixed price model is best for you and ongoing work; opt for an hourly model.

How much does it cost to build WordPress websites?

The cost of your WordPress website depends on several factors. For instance, where your site is being hosted, and what additional features do you want? The introductory price of your WordPress website starts from $100 to $30,000 and can go even more depending upon the project requirements.

As the reports on costs of WordPress web developers in India, we help you formulate a better financial strategy regarding picking templates from WordPress. Thus, we guide you to avoid financial disasters and make profitable decisions. Be sure that we will give you a well-priced WordPress development service delivered by a very professional team.

How much time does it take to build a WordPress website?

Building a WordPress website is quite time-consuming. Your webpage can be completed within two weeks and stretch up to a few months, depending on the complexity of your website, requirements, functionalities, etc. Our dedicated team of WordPress designers and developers is particular about meeting deadlines. That’s why we will set all the expectations upfront and work hard on working to finish the project on time.

What do WordPress Developers do?

WordPress developers excel in building an enticing, feasible, and user-friendly website as per the client’s specifications. When you hire a WordPress web developer responsible for working on WordPress web design and developing your website’s front and back end you can stay calm and rest assured that your work will not have any glitches. Also, a WordPress programmer implements themes and plugins and utilizes the various aspects of the WordPress CMS too.

Should I hire a WordPress developer?

Hiring WordPress developers provide ease of working and improves your website’s usability and functionality. We have a specialized team of developers who customize your website as per the unique requirement of your business. We use 100% compatible themes and follow W3C standards to get a quality WordPress website ready to attract potential customers.

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