Crafting Custom WordPress Websites

Crafting Custom WordPress Websites

In general, with regard to web development,clients hire a WordPress developer to develop a website for their business and this usually won’t take much time if the developer is well versed in coding and has adequate experience. But with multiple projects at hand, it often becomes tedious to code extensively and developers ultimately end up using external page builders that also require a certain learning curve. Fortunately for us, the emergence of Gutenberg and Toolset blocks has meant that developers can start creating websites from WordPress itself in an elegant manner. In fact, the addition of toolset plugins enables even the non-coder to design their website as effectively as the serious programmer.

What are Toolset plugins?

They are plugins that make custom WordPress development simple. It does away with the need of programming for building rich and interactive websites for various purposes like listing, directories, presentations, shops etc. Editing content has never been easier. This is now possible, thanks to the revamped iterations of Gutenberg that was earlier plagued with multiple issues. Before Gutenberg, Toolset was in partnership with many third party webpage builders with the mandate of providing the backend. However, it became impractical to keep up with the varying updates and the arrival of Gutenberg made it all the more compelling to switch over, since it came from the stables of WordPress itself – more time to devote for improving Toolset blocks themselves. Developers can still design websites using third party page builders but it is anyone’s guess for how long.


The wonder behind Toolset blocks

Firstly, the Gutenberg interface is very easy to use for even the novice with the entire designing process now possible by a designer without having to rely upon a developer for coding. That’s right. With Toolset blocks, it is now possible to design and make changes in a dynamic way, connecting the front end and back end seamlessly. In fact, Toolset blocks has documentation but we are very sure that developers do not sift through volumes of information to understand the designing or any issues related to it. Such is the ease of use.

Moreover, the client’s website will likely end up less bloated because of lower incorporation of multiple third party plugins. Everything is taken care of by Gutenberg and Toolset blocks. But perhaps the best feature that we can certainly vouch for Toolset blocks is the fact that no technical coding like HTML and CSS is required for building custom websites.


Getting Hands-on

So what can developers seek to create using Toolset blocks?

Well, for one, they can achieve the same design for each custom post type after adding fields, which later can be saved and published. In a website that has lots of content and posts, there is always a need to have a custom search bar which allows users to find exactly what they want – a life saviour sometimes. Toolset Blocks enables developers to create custom search bars with all kinds of filters, it is custom after all. Apart from these, clients hiring a dedicated WordPress developer  may sometimes want to include an archive of all their published posts in one single place. This again can be done by Toolset with ample room for customisation.

Have you already used Gutenberg and Toolset plugins in your website development? Share us your experience below. For further queries in hiring our services, contact our developer team today.