Completed PHP Project: Wikinight

Hire Indian Programmers Completed PHP Project: Wikinight

People on the city will wish to go for some nightspots,by focusing such a people we have organized the list of nightsopts location and events.
Through our site they can find events place based on the there geo-location.

Based on the selection we are providing the following information of events & nightspots using PHP ,

  • Date of the event occurring
  • Location of the event place
  • Mode of payment option available inside the spot
  • Providing option to enquiry more information by contacting through call and email
  • Event ticket availability with date
  • What kind of event and artist who are playing information.
  • Option to find who are the other people going for event.
  • To make the site users user friendly we have focused on the multi language concept,achieved for the whole site static and dynamic data from database.
  • To categories the people spot we have enabled options like,

    – Categorized the events and nightspots based on the foods, beverages, disco, games, price quality and event type.

    – Option for men and women combined and separate.
  • Users can write an article/blog regarding the event and nightspots experience with there friends as public and private along share and like.
  • Users can access site through both mobile app and in computer website.
  • User can use online chat with agent to know more about the events and nightspots.
  • User can choose favorite event category,once he chosen the favorite then he will get notification in mobile app.Every time when an related event takes place.
  • Mean while the business persons can post the event and organize the event through our site.