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About PHP
PHP is used for website development and was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. PHP originally meant ‘Personal Home Page’, but it now refers to ‘Hypertext Pre-Processor’. It can also be used as a general-purpose programming language.

Transitioning to PHP 7?
Whereas PHP 5.6 is still widely used, introducing of PHP 7 in your next PHP development projects get the added benefits of speed improvement, better error handling, new operators, and type declarations.

Why Outsource Your PHP Project to India?
For those who want to hire PHP developers, India is the best option. Indian PHP developers are gifted, hungry for challenging projects and qualified to get the job done. Not only are you assured of flexibility, skilled quality developers and enjoy cost savings but you also get your application up and running in no time.

PHP is widely used as a scripting language to develop a website as well as web application. PHP Development services offered by HireIndianProgrammers help to create various types of web solution which suits your need.

PHP Developers from Hire Indian Programmers
If you are looking for a PHP development company in India, the experts at Hire Indian Programmers will suit your needs. We offer great quality services at an affordable price. Our Indian PHP developers have a good understanding of PHP and all of its intricate inner workings.

You can now get your PHP / MySQL projects done in a timely and high-quality manner with the help of Hire Indian Programmers. Our staff has a vast amount of experience in PHP and MySQL development with knowledge of the entire PHP framework. PHP customization is our specialty.

There are also ‘Monthly dedicated programmer’ services on offer for any web development companies, marketing agencies, and individuals that need a team to support their business.

With HireIndianProgrammers you can create the finest and most successful business website. We offer technical support after the delivery of the project. From small to complicated requirements our developers come up with the best result.

HireIndianProgrammers, one of the renowned web development companies that matches and delivers quality work to the increasing web designing and web development needs of the customer. We deliver result oriented PHP Solution for small scale and large scale businesses.

Choosing the right PHP framework will result in the success of your website. Our developers make you aware of different PHP frameworks and help you to choose the best one. Choose our developers to withstand the competition.

Over 16 years of experience, Hire Indian Programmers specializes in E-commerce orientation and helps the customers to get the customized web solution. We create a website in different versions of Magento.

Web developers from all over the world are opting for PHP language to develop a website because of its flexibility, cost-effectiveness and number of frameworks. Hire PHP Developer to get maximum return on investment through your website.

We have several years of experience in building the business website for leading brands across the globe. The developers have knowledge in creating exceptional PHP Web solutions for different customer requisites.

Our PHP Offerings
Be sure to check out our experts before hiring a PHP Developer. We have developers in various skill set like design, coding and maintaining the software or the website after the delivery of the project.

At HireIndianProgrammers, we incorporate our PHP Solutions with the latest tools and technologies.Take a look at the services offered by our firm and hire PHP Developers confidently.

We provide PHP / MySQL services that include dynamic websites and applications for business purposes. Take a look at what we offer with regards to PHP:

  • PHP development services
  • Web content management
  • Banner and advertising
  • Custom theme integration
  • PHP Smarty development
  • HTML5 & CSS3 support
  • CakePHP development
  • CRM application development
  • Multi-language support
  • Forums
  • Database driven application development
  • Mobile development
  • Blogs
  • Mailing system
  • Message boards

Why Choose Hireindianprogrammers.com?
If you give us your PHP project, we guarantee that we will do it free of hassles and problems. We don’t have confusing and perplexing contracts full of ambiguous phrases. You can stop your work with us whenever you choose and come back at your leisure. Also, all the code and software that we develop for you is available for you to use however you want. We will also relay any necessary information back to the client as possible so as to avoid frustrations regarding lack of communication.

Our team of PHP professionals are committed to deliverables and give the desired result at the right time. You can contact our communication channels on 24/7 who ensure the smooth development process of the website.

Hire Indian Programmers can easily develop the fully functional website at a negotiable price. You can get exactly what you want in online presence. We ensure that your customer will enjoy the surfing experience in your site.

Over the years, our expert professionals work to satisfy the diverse needs of the customer. With the seamless communication service offered by HireIndianProgrammers, you can easily know the status of the project. Through easy communication options, you can easily get to know the progress of your project. We have different types of hiring models such as hourly, daily and weekly. You can choose the model based on your flexibility.

By hiring the expert professionals from HireIndianProgrammers you can get various services such as make improvement in the website, fix the problems which are present in the site and promote your business.

Rest assured that we will always be honest and upfront with you. This makes us easy to handle and gives you peace of mind.

Connect with Us
Hire Indian PHP programmers from Hire Indian Programmers right now. Check out our PHP projects that we have successfully completed so far. If you have any queries or need any additional information, please feel to contact us or chat with us on Skype. You can also request a callback from us if you so wish.

Phone: +1 323-275-4909
E-mail: info@hireindianprogrammers.com

Connect me $10 per hour

At a Glance:

  • Ideal for small to medium sized business and software developers
  • Expert programmers in leading open source technology
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed
  • $10 per hour with monthly rates available
  • The developer works using our hardware and software infrastructure
  • Daily update regarding the development progress
  • Administrative overview of the project
  • A healthy work environment where your developer solves problems faster by mutual collaboration
  • 24 Hr replacement of the developer if he is unable to work due to any reason


There are some less than honest companies out there that will treat you great - until you have signed a contract. We are different. We are a small business and understand how it works.

we are different

Month-end Reporting

We will also deliver status reports and delivered to your inbox as a record of what we have accomplished for you during that month. This way you are regularly updated and the relationship doesn't break down due to lack of communication.

Apart from this, you are free to inquire about what we are doing at any time. We will give you daily updates through email or our project management portal. We operate with full transparency and our process a is fully visible on our website. We use this approach for all of our projects unless the situation demands otherwise.

we are different

No Messy Contracts

We aren't a company that will treat you nicely only until you've agreed to the contract. We want to work with you to get the project completed successfully. You can stop working with us whenever you want and you have the option to come back.

You have a lot of freedom and we don't try to lock you down and force you to agree to things that you don't want. We want to work with you free of restrictions and with no strings attached.

we are different

Code is yours to do as you wish

All of the software and work that we perform for you is 100% yours. You can do whatever you want with it. We won't stake any claim to it if you make changes and alterations. This prevents conflict over ownership and rights.

quote-left Very fast and efficient service with great customer support. We will definitely be using Hire Indian Programmers again for any Opencart project. quote-right

Austin B. - Blayney Partnership Limited, Sywell, Northampton, UK

quote-left I have worked with Hire Indian Programmers a few times now and will definitely be working with them again on any future tasks that we need doing. They are extremely helpful and always provide fast responses. quote-right

Reuben J. - Sigma Plantfinder, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

quote-left If you after a professional web design & development company I would recommend HireIndianProgrammers, not only do they have fantastic web development skills but have an awesome team of web designers that have enabled me to outsource all my website design work to these guys without any hassle. quote-right

S Parmar Print | Design | Web Development. - Printpallondon, London

quote-left I've worked for many years with developers and programmers both inside and outside the United States. From my first experience working with the Hire Indian Programmers team on a successful startup social media development project to the many web sites and applications they have helped me to build for clients from retail to mobile, I have had only good experiences with them. quote-right

Matthew P. Melucci - CEO/Founder of Pulse Digital Media. -

quote-left As an entrepreneur, I'm constantly looking for technology partners to enhance my businesses. When I set out to build custom, web 2.0 software to automate my sales and delivery departments, I chose the team at Hire Indian Programmer - and they have made all the difference in my world. quote-right

Andre Forde. - Florida,United States of America

quote-left Working with Hire Indian Programmer developers has been a great experience for my business. Over the last few years I had struggled to a find high quality, reliable, and professional programming group to develop and maintain our in house and client projects. quote-right

Joseph Hollinshead. - Netvida Marketing, Inc

quote-left Hire Indian Programmer did a great job with developing our small business website. The team was responsive, timely, and created a very professional product. I was apprehensive about using offshore development talent but it was very smooth. quote-right

Rusty Dennison, President. - Parker Dennison & Associates, Inc.

quote-left The team at Hire Indian Programmer is fantastic. They handled all of my requests quickly and did a wonderful job. After having several developers make fail, I was happy to finally see a group that can deliver more than they promise. quote-right

Daniel K. Thomas. -

quote-left Over the years, I have come to rely heavily on WordPress development team at Hire Indian Programmer for projects of all sizes – so much so, in fact, that they have become an essential resource for my company. quote-right

Sara Jade, CEO. - Jade Online Media, LLC

quote-left I recommend Hire Indian Programmer whole-heartedly. I am an entrepreneur who had an idea for an online portal for Independent Consultants. Professional developers at Hire Indian Programmer made this idea come true and today ParetoCentral has over 600 registered members. quote-right

SJ Michael Mangalam. - ParetoCentral

quote-left Hire Indian Programmer has the one thing that other outsourced software and website development services lack, communication. HIP not only listens to me and understands what I need, they improve every project beyond the original specifications. quote-right

Michael Jones. - Internet Strategist and Consultan

quote-left Hire Indian Programmer made it a virtually seamless process from start to finish. Whether it was interpretation of design, thoughts on how to better the site, or updates following the project their team was responsive and extremely helpful throughout the whole process. quote-right

MeeshCo LLC. - MeeshCo LLC

Connect me $10 per hour

Expert Programming

  • Expert programmers in the latest open source technologies including HTML5/CSS3, Ruby on Rails and more
  • All Programmers have at least three years of programming experience several years of coursework in computer science or software programming

Project Management

  • Daily updates via email or project management portal
  • Experienced project manager assigned to you at no additional charge
  • Communication with your project manager via Skype or Email

An Experienced Company

  • The team at hireindianprogrammers.com has been working together for almost 14 years
  • Established client base throughout the United States and the rest of the World
  • Located in the United States and India
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed

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