Best Node.JS Frameworks

Best Node.JS Frameworks

JavaScript was one among the many players that scripted the success of companies at a time when the internet was booming. It enabled developers and programmers to fashion great websites with new found interactive elements like embedded video players, animations and maps that ultimately sought to enrich user experience. Like any other programming language, JavaScript too evolved with different versions and additional layers launching at different times – one among them was Node.JS framework. It is essentially a broad environment with extensive libraries for developing advanced applications and taking web development to the next level. More importantly, they can be used to run JavaScript code outside web browsers. Clients that hire Indian programmers have taken a liking to Node.JS especially because it can be used to develop rich and efficient applications on the server side that are also scalable. Which is why, in this blogpost, we will list out some of the best Node.JS frameworks in 2020 that developers could check out.

Meteor – As proclaimed by the platform, Meteor is an open source framework that is compatible in web, mobile (both iOS and Android) and desktop.Many international companies like Mazda and Qualcomm use Meteor and rightly so – there is integration with Mongo, Vue, Angular; build applications for multiple devices; lightweight and integration of technologies. Yet the best feature of Meteor is its thriving community support that addresses developer questions on forums and hosts events.

Koa – Koa is a next generation framework designed by the people at Express with the mandate of providing a robust and lithe framework to build apps. It does away with complex code and instead incorporates an array of middleware functions that are executed in a progressive manner. Therefore, it ensures interoperability while making coding hassle-free for developers. Because it has a small footprint – meaning that it produces greater output with less input, developers would surely be enthralled working with it.–This framework is primarily used by clients to design bi-directional and situational communication mechanisms. Boasting a web-socket architecture, this tool is all about reliability and speed –this can be leveraged in generating insightful analytics and work collaboration by multiple users. What’s more? also helps developers to design smart chat-bots for clients looking to address customer queries in a proactive manner.

Adonis – This framework screams ease of use, doing everything in its power to make the developer’s work easy and bring about stability. There is a great set of documentation blogs that includes code samples for developers to get started quickly. With seamless authentication and robust database management of SQL, we are sure that developers, especially freelancers can get a hold on Node.JS.

Sails.JS – It is one of the most popular MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework out there, that works akin to Ruby on Rails.One of the best features is the auto generated REST APIs that help developers kick-start the backend operations without much coding. Besides many companies like Microsoft using Sails.JS, it also comes with ORM that allows it to connect any two incompatible type systems. Having support for multiple front-ends, this framework is fully written in JavaScript, allowing for speedy module development.

Nest.JS – This is yet another progressive framework that is both versatile and extensible, as in the framework incorporates adaptability and flexibility to build any sort of applications with access to other libraries. One thing to note is that it helps clients, particularly big clients, that hire a programmer for building scalable solutions for future enterprises. The framework’s modular structure makes for smart development, testing and maintenance of apps.

There are several Node.JS frameworks that cater to different purposes and we did find some of them interesting such as, Diet.JS, Flatiron.JS and many more. The above frameworks are just some of our favourites that we thought are worth sharing.

Have you come across any framework that we may have missed out? Let us know your thoughts below.

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