What You Must Know About Progressive Web Apps

What You Must Know About Progressive Web Apps

With the emergence of smartphones in the past decade, internet  traffic has seen a major shift. Smartphones command more than half the internet usage – meaning more people access the internet from their mobiles  than other devices. However, statistics also show us that this doesn’t necessarily translate to more engagements and conversions.

As any person conducting business online including those who making a foray into mobile apps would know, engagement and conversion rates are very important and without it, the purpose of developing mobile apps, be it android or iOS, becomes irrelevant.

In this blogpost, our developers at HireIndianProgrammers make a case for Progressive Web Apps and why both android and iOS developers must readily make a transition and incorporate it into their future mobile app development services.

What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

Progressive Web Apps are fairly new to the internet scene and they can be best thought of as a bridge/ link between mobile web and mobile apps. You need to be aware of just 3 criteria with respect to PWA. First, you need to be running under HTTPS and secondly you would need a web app manifest, app shell and thirdly a service worker. All these in conjunction would enable you to develop what is called a Progressive Web App.

The best thing is you can virtually convert any website into a PWA using the above three criteria.

Here’s why companies providing mobile app development services must make a beeline for PWA:

Doesn’t depend on Connectivity – This means that you grant users the boon of accessing your business products offline too – a possible game-changer for businesses due to the addition of new customers located in remote areas.

Very Secure – Because they run under HTTPS, mobile developers and business people alike can be rest assured that PWA are generally more secure than mobile websites. What’s more? PWA are also much faster and battery efficient than conventional mobile apps.

Ease of Use – PWAs remove the need for app stores giving users the option to install and add them right to the home-screen, ultimately giving more control to the user. The high responsiveness of the PWA means that users will prefer them over mobile apps or sites any day, thereby leading to more conversion rates. No irritation, whatsoever.

One step ahead of Mobile Websites – Developing websites, both for the desktop and mobile to provide a seamless experience can prove to be a challenge. PWAs on the other hand have the capability to integrate with the user’s smartphone through push notifications. The existence of the app shell boosts the look significantly. They also provide app like interactions primarily navigations making it easy for the user.

Higher Engagements – Because they are far easier to share with the outside world – a one click process, Progressive Web Apps are sure to crank up the engagement for businesses.



All of the special features of Progressive Web Apps enable them to become much more desirable for mobile app development service companies to create ground breaking applications, thanks to its checking of several boxes – speed, security, convenience and so on.

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