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Our Laravel developers at Hire Indian Programmers are experts in Laravel programming. Our experience with Laravel has been
for a long time and rightly so for the following reasons.Using this framework, we as the Laravel development company
have undertaken several web development projects without any second thoughts. Why Laravel, you ask?


PHP, developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, has evolved over the years significantly. Despite the radical developments in the world of technology and web development in particular, PHP continues to be popular among programmers for developing websites and related content management systems. Perhaps its continued patronage today is attributed to updating itself with modern features periodically. There are many frameworks that have widened the scope of PHP such as Laravel, CodeIgnitor, Symfony to name a few.

Laravel is one of the most advanced frameworks of PHP out there. Following the Model-View-Controller (MVC) structure, this framework is easy for Laravel developers to master and develop any kind of web application – whatever be the scope and whatever be the size of the project. Many clients approach us to hire Laravel developers to design heavy websites. With its simple and appealing syntax, we have been able to provide quality Laravel development services. Developed by Taylor Otwell way back in 2011, Laravel too has evolved over the years and continues to impress developers with its great customisation. Besides, the Laravel community is huge and this immense support helps developers encountering trouble in their web development can enable to resolve them with ease. Some of the benefits of using Laravel are listed below:

  • Elegant and simple syntax for developers to build upon
  • Built-in authentication features with simple commands
  • Inversion of control to manage class dependencies
  • Blade template engine to come up with unique layouts
  • Modular approach to develop applications of any kind – even enterprise level
  • Efficient caching to decrease processing time and thereby improve performance
  • Robust migration system without the need for SQL
  • BCrypt security for create secure applications by virtue of hash passwords
  • In-built testing and debugging using PHPUnit
  • Implementation of RESTful route for mapping

Hire Expert Laravel Developers!

Our Laravel developers have vast and in-depth knowledge of Laravel both theoretically and practically. With the advent of high speed
powered e-commerce, clients hire dedicated Laravel developers with a mandate to design and control their business in new
unimagined ways that is possible only through Laravel.

Laravel Web Development Process

We have been in the web development space for more than a decade. Our clients are typically from the US and some from the UK. It is with pride that we go on record to state that many of our clients come back to us with new assignments or even better – refer us to new clients. This can be attributed to several factors.

Our laravel developers adopt a granular approach and pay attention to every technical, business and aesthetic aspect of the project. This holds true for every stage of the software development cycle, thus ensuring quality and consistency. We would also like to state that any kind of development is undertaken by a circular process of consultation and review with the client – be it template design, data migration, extension development, unique customization or maintenance and support.

We recognize the importance of two-way communication and deliberation of thought processes for the success of any project. As a long standing Laravel development company, we take our work seriously and this invariably reflects in the output. Sky is the limit when it comes to developing with Laravel, thanks to its vast number of object oriented libraries and its Artisan command line tool. Our team makes sure to put into good use the above in Laravel powered applications.

Unlike other web development companies, there are no messy contracts involved whatsoever. With reliable 24*7 support, you can be rest assured that we will resolve any of your issues quickly. We have even incorporated technology for clients to stay in constant touch with us – for instance, we have an exclusive online support portal for every client’s project wherein issues can be addressed and schedules monitored with ease. For further more details you can contact-us here.

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Listen to what one of our clients say about us after he hires us to develop his web application. We believe our business success is directly proportional to our clients satisfaction.



Years of Experience in Laravel Developers

By hiring laravel programmers from us, we are sure to embark on a successful web development project executed with precision, imagination, consensus and diligence. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and hire a laravel developer today and realise your business visions.

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