Web Development through the Ages

Web Development through the Ages

Every invention in human history has had such a profound impact in the evolution of its civilisation. All human inventions from fire, wheel  to space exploration and the internet have continually raised the bar on what we can achieve.

Where it all started

When Tim-Berners Lee founded the world’s first web browser in 1990, almost 3 decades ago, only text could be displayed on a webpage. However, as we all know, web development became more sophisticated with the addition of new design elements such as images, media, gif, tables, frames and what not.

Programmers and developers who have been in the web development space for long, will readily acknowledge the massive developments that had taken place in the past two decades. From first gen software applications like Dreamweaver and FrontPage, we now have automatic drag and drop rich web design applications like Wix. It has made web design creation possible even for the non-technical people like marketers, bloggers, businesspersons and freelancers. It is now possible to develop websites in a short period of time – in other words fostering a do-it-yourself culture.

In the initial stages of web development, there was a lot of coding involved. Clients who hired programmers and coders had to wait for several days for their final output. Nowadays tools like Affinity designer or even buttons make it easier for developers to create good designs in an efficient way. This increased efficiency is the hallmark of today’s web development.


The Web we know today

The massive improvements in web development also spurred the shared hosting mechanism and several free website builders, providing a workspace-for-all scene. These kind of developments prove to be beneficial to the web development community as a whole. Then arrived the era of outsourcing and software as a service (SaaS). Experienced and skilled programmers, coders and developers could now be hired for customised packages at very affordable rates from developing countries. The advent of outsourcing and SaaS meant that more time could be devoted to maintenance with a consistent stream of revenue. Several web development firms that sought to provide 24×7 services of coders and programmers cropped up in the early 2000s.

At the same time, with so much perceived progress, there were also certain downsides with regard to this industry, mainly concerned with the negative aspects of the gig economy – not providing the needed benefits to employees. Overworking was massively prevalent amongst programmers and coders hired by virtue of a contract. Although, things have improved in recent years. As with any other industry, those in the web development field also fear obsolescence owing to the abundance of code-free web design tools.

Yet, programmers must remember that web design is a creative field and thus a market. With new businesses sprouting up and business people wanting to promote them in the most innovative or targeted way possible, there will always be clients to hire dedicated programmers and developers.

The key take away from this blogpost is that web development is here to stay for a long time, even though it may change forms occasionally.

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