Vue.js Tools and Libraries

Vue.js Tools and Libraries

Vue.js is a very popular JavaScript framework that is used for building beautiful user interfaces and single page applications. It has several advantages over other frameworks – some of them being – small size, flexibility, ease of use and so on. Given its rising popularity, web programmers need to master this software so that in case, a client want to hire a programmer, they may have the edge among their peers.

Our experienced coders at HireIndianProgrammers come up with this blogpost recommending some of the best Vue.js tools. If a small business wants to develop a simple integrated application with scope for expansion, all they need to do is to hire a coder who is well versed in Vue.js. Some clients hiring web developers would emphasise on certain niche functionalities and it is for this purpose, we come up this list of tools, libraries and plugins.



VuePress is a great tool for those businesses hiring a developer that want to deploy a rich magazine of sorts. This tool was initially used for technical documentation but now, given its powerful blogging features and custom themes, web developers can design a rich single page application that has the provision to include even Vue code. This means that developers can develop a website akin to a Vue app.


Vuetify is a redefined framework for those clients hiring a programmer for developing a website with a material design. In short, it is a powerful UI component library with a massive collection of unique components. What can it be used to build? Businesses that want to build SPAs and mobile apps can hire a programmer who can make use of this tool. What makes it special is that it has both free and premium themes and also comes with great set of documentation and examples.


Online businesses in the interactive learning segment hire a coder to develop web demos with animations, slides and presentations. Eagle.js takes on the mandate of providing freedom to develop highly complex and interactive presentations. One highlight of this tool is that it allows coders to replicate slides into other presentations with ease without having to start from scratch again.


This particular tool is used among web developers for developing modular applications on the server side. Some clients may hire a programmer to develop a very fluid web application. In such cases, programmers would do well to not get caught in an unnecessary tangle of optimising constantly. Better to leave it to Nuxt, for it proclaims to enable programmers to decisively develop an app with a no-frills framework.


Finally, we have Storybook that we recommend for those clients looking to hire a dedicated developer for developing UI components in an elegant, simplified environment. Hiring a coder that makes use of Storybook also has an added incentive. It also allows a developer to manage and test these components. The development and showcase of the components happen in different environments, thereby removing the need to worry about dependencies. What’s more? Storybook is flexible enough to allow coders to customise using an API and add-ons with good features like exporting to other servers.

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