Upping the SEO game with Serpstack

Upping the SEO game with Serpstack

Business promotion has evolved over the years from simple word-of-mouth strategies to search engine rankings. With greater internet penetration and customer adoption of smartphones and technology in general, the art and science of promoting business has dramatically changed. As experienced developers in the field and having worked on several Android and iOS projects, we have come to acknowledge the importance of promoting client’s websites. Many clients approach us to hire an android developer  to develop a dedicated SEO strategy. Formulating an SEO strategy, however, is an arduous task requiring constant monitoring and commitment to stay ahead of the competition. After all, figuring in the top results of Google is not an easy task. In this blogpost, we discuss about serpstack – a free, real time and accurate Google search results API. Essentially, it introduces a bit of automation to search engine optimisation.



JavaScript Object Notation Representational State Transfer, this API uses the HTTP protocol for all operations – create, read, update, delete and more. JSON is very easy to read and understand for both humans and machines. serpstack runs on the JSON REST API which enables it to bring all search engine page results (SERP) of the client’s website right to the dashboard. Its credibility is high enough that it is trusted and used by major global brands.


Be it a few hundred searches or thousands of searches or even millions, serpstack has got the capability to deliver deep insights on such data in a timely manner without any hassles. serpstack also scores high on accuracy, thereby providing clients with the know how to find value in their sacred keywords and work on the same. In fact, as part of our mobile app development services, the developer team works with clients from different domains using serpstack to build and enhance their SEO game. This has led us to formulate multidimensional strategies for different platforms, which brings us to next point.


Some clients come to hire developers for their android applications. Others specifically request to hire an iOS developer for  enhancing their SEO for that operating system. This may be because their target market might be exclusively Apple users. Be it android or iOS, serpstack can get the job done. Not only operating system, but also based on the client’s business needs, serpstack can get SERP data for the same. It doesn’t stop there. With Google, the scope is wide and includes a bunch of data types like news, images, videos and even shopping results.


The core powering serpstack is robust enough to start getting data on SERP under specified criteria right away. Even in terms of support and guidance, serpstack is robust – a team available to assist with any relevant technical issues. The software also proclaims to be very fast, delivering on requests in milliseconds.What’s more? All data are protected using bank grade 256-bit SSL encryption which is always good news for clients concerned about the website’s integrity.
Finally, with an extensive documentation, serpstack is sure to entice developers and clients alike into trying their hands on it. Therefore, if you are a person who already has a website up and running or wants to hire a developer to enhance SEO, then serpstack can significantly help in upping the SEO game.

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