Top skill set to check before hiring an Android Developers

Excellent in Java
Android developers must have a sound knowledge in Java. The Android developer should have knowledge of object-oriented concepts like class, static methods and so on. The developer must have proficiency in the usage of programming syntax and structure. If you hire a coder with these skills then they can help you to grow your business.

SQL Expertise
Every Android application needs a back-end to store the data of the application and user. SQL is the most popular back-end database which helps to manage huge data in local. Hence, before hiring the Android developer you must check for the SQL skills of the developer.

Keen to learn more
The Android app development process does not complete once they develop. The developer needs to learn new things which are essential to adapt updates. You can check the learning attitude of the developer before hiring them.

Communication Skills
When looking for the developer make sure the developer has good communication skill to collaborate successfully. The developer should have the capability to communicate with both technical and non-technical person.