Top Payment Gateways for your E-Commerce Website

Top Payment Gateways for your E-Commerce Website

The work of developers can turn out to be quite challenging for normal projects itself. Add to it, an E-Commerce project, the number of project variables spiral out of way. Talking about E-Commerce, one of the most important components of E-Commerce websites are payment gateways. The mere presence of payment gateways and their design and implementation directly affects the end sales of the clients.

In this blogpost, as experienced Magento and OpenCart developers, we show you some of the options with regard to Payment Gateways.

We are sure that you are already familiar with some of the existing payment gateways such as – Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and so on. In your task to hire an OpenCart or Magento developer or any other website developer, you need to be aware of the fact that the choice of payment gateways changes with the website builder solutions.

The leading E-Commerce platforms are WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and OpenCart. Let us go through them one by one.



You must already know that WooCommerce requires WordPress to run on and therefore there are a large number of third party payment gateways to choose from.

Among them, we would recommend PayPal because – firstly, it is PayPal and if you are starting out new in the online business then PayPal would be apt as it brings about trust in your customers. Secondly, an E-Commerce site is clunky as it is and so adding a third party payment gateway through a plugin, this could negatively impact loading times. No customer wants that!

PayPal also has low processing fees, fraud protection and available to transact in a number of currencies.


Shopify, a hosted website builder, is impressive and popular as well. While it is extremely easy to use, it is perfect for those clients who want to just start a store ONLY excluding other features like blog, social media feeds etc;

Like WooCommerce, Shopify is also equipped with an inbuilt payment gateway called Shopify which is actually powered by a leading platform called Stripe.

If you really want to use an alternative, please think again. This is because, in using an alternative, Shopify charges you for the third party payment gateway in addition to the processing fees. Apart from that, Stripe offers you fraud protections, quicker funds transfer and partnerships.


Magento is the third most popular E-Commerce site builder followed by OpenCart. Due to its close association with Adobe and other interactive platforms, it can be said that Magento focuses on complete business website variables like design, CRM, marketing and so on.

Magento development services is most suitable for big clients who want to develop large E-Commerce websites. Coming to payment gateways, Magento provides support for three different payment gateways namely – PayPal, Braintree and

While Braintree is more apt for clients targeting customers in North America alone, both PayPal and are good options. However, has a slight edge over PayPal when it comes to huge quantity of sales. And it is much more simplified than PayPal.

Having gone through the list, we must let you know that our developers at HireIndianProgrammers offer both OpenCart development services and Magento development services.

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