Top Navigation Ideas for Mobile Apps

Top Navigation Ideas for Mobile Apps

Developers across the world will readily acknowledge the importance of navigation in web or even mobile app development. In fact, in our experience as dedicated developers for several projects at HireIndianProgrammers, we can certainly say that carelessly designed navigation will lead to a nightmare of a user experience. Ease of use, simplicity and speed are some of the things to look out for while designing navigation in mobile app development projects. With the proliferation of the smartphone, more people are browsing the internet from their handheld devices. This means there will be a need to develop websites customised for mobile.

To make matters more challenging, mobile app developers will have to cater to both Android and iOS. Clients hire android and iOS developers to design mobile applications correspondingly. In this blogpost, our mobile app developers in their journey to provide broader mobile app development services, seek to list out some of the top navigation ideas to the developer community. This may give different perspectives to both emerging and experienced mobile app developers while designing mobile applications, be it android or iOS.

Side Menu Navigation

This navigation design allows for more real estate in a user’s mobile screen and keeps things simple. The hamburger icon along with the transition effects is sure to amplify the visual appeal and smoothness of the navigation. Android developers can use the side menu for incorporating more responsiveness and minimum clicks.

Bottom Tab Navigation

Mobile app developers can use the bottom tab navigation for media applications like photos, videos and audio. For example, android developers can use it to for designing a gallery application that allows for neat categorisation of photos and videos and also enabling users to easily retrieve the same.

Colourful Navigation

The focus of this navigation design is on vibrant colours. Android developers can use this navigation element in those apps whose sole aim is fun and functionality – say a photo editing mobile application. Editing photos is fun and what better way to express this in an app.

Reach Navigation Search

Both iOS Developers and Android Developers can opt for this in app that is rooted in maximum utility. In this navigation, the search is included as part of the bottom tab and even simple filters are included within the tab. Developers can use this for simple searches within an application – for example photos app and also for advanced searches in e-commerce apps.

Interactive Navigation

As the name indicates, this navigation is used in highly interactive applications such as job portals. For instance, suppose a client hires an android developer to develop a new app for matchmaking consisting of a large database. The developer would do well to make use of interactive navigation at this juncture.


Google Newsstand Navigation

Developers and users alike might be familiar with Google newsstand. There are three different kinds of navigation built into it. The top focuses on topics and the bottom part focuses on the content. Developers of any OS can use this navigation design mainly for reading content applications such as blogs, news, current updates or affairs, random articles etc;

Side Navigation

Given that iOS emphasises on butter speed, developers, especially iOS developers can make use of this navigation to design mobile applications that calls for rapid browsing actions – like a file manager. Developers can insert the directory and other useful tools like copy, paste in the side bar which can expand and shrink by the click of the bottom arrow button. Clicking on an item will automatically shrink the side bar and opens up the item in full screen.

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