Top 7 Woocommerce Themes for your E-Commerce Website

Top 7 Woocommerce Themes for your E-Commerce Website

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of internet business start-ups selling innovative products. Now, we all know that for e-commerce businesses to succeed, the website selling the products is important. The website, especially when it comes to e-commerce, plays many roles such as functional, branding, business, feedback, customer care and so on.That is why it would augur well for clients to hire experienced programmers to develop a rich website from scratch with all the bells and whistles. One of the prominent content management systems for e-commerce is Woocommerce.

As part of HireIndianProgrammers, a leading Indian WordPress Developmentservices player, we have taken the reins of several WordPress Development projects of different sizes and successfully executed the same. This includes our developers’ 24×7 support and maintenance, as per the client needs. Themes are a part of the web development process and more often than not, they provide an indirect image of your company to the end customers. In this blogpost, we take you through the top WordPress E-commerce themes so that you may be able to select the one for your web projects.


If the client’s business involves selling of green, organic farm products then this theme is for them. Loaded with customisations, this theme allows developers to add or modify page layouts, change the look of the homepage or checkout page, make use of the jet plugins in an easy manner. No hiccups whatsoever. The minimalistic layout is sure to attract customers and therefore definitely recommended for hired wordpress developers to check it out.


Storefront is high on functionality and minimalistic on design and colours. Developers providing WordPress development services for a range of e-commerce projects would find this useful because it is a general theme and can as such be modified in any way as the programmer wants. This theme does not have anything really going on for it, which ultimately does the trick. The lightweight theme focuses on just selling and does that perfectly. In other words, it is a no-frills theme.


As the name says, this theme emphasises style and class – aimed at menswear and men’s accessories related e-commerce business. Given the possible niche segment, clients hiring dedicated developers would surely stress on the quality of the website.Having a card layout for product display and slider mechanism for tweaking functionalities in addition to good animation effects, this tool allows developers to design a site, providing the perfect shopping experience.

Free’ Shop

As the name gives you a hint, this theme is completely free. This theme can be used by those hired developers for those clients who are just starting out in a small scale. Programmers can make use of this theme to design a simple site that satisfies the basic criteria of an e-commerce website – visual appeal, ease of use, product display information, checkout page, all of which it satisfies.


This Woocommerce template is cut out for a modern online fashion store. That calls for bright visuals, adequate number of widgets, popular and frequently bought products on display and so on. Developers will find this theme to be appropriate for designing websites for a mid-range player in the fashion industry.


WordPress developers would find this theme apt for online businesses focussed on volume which means a fast navigation website with a rich product display providing accurate information. In other words, customers will know where to go to buy what they want in a matter of minutes as soon as they reach the website. The overall layout is a bit crowded which is good from an advertising point of view. People will notice more products. The highlight of this theme is the extremely smooth navigation.

Gutenberg Starter – Free Woocommerce Theme

This list would not be complete without Gutenberg Starter. Developers in WordPress development for a significant period would be familiar with the Gutenberg editor. This free theme allows programmers to design simple websites with ease with room for a lot of customisations. There are also some cool features like slider mechanism and the parallax effect. What’s more? This theme works in hand with Gutenberg functionality.

Hope you found this article useful and implement in your next WordPress development project.

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