Top 10 Mobile App Builders of 2019

Top 10 Mobile App Builders of 2019

A lot of businesses have emerged post 2010, serving their customers primarily through their smartphone applications. Clearly, mobile app development is on the rise – to the extent that part of the contemporary business definitive success hinges on robust app functionality.

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Here in this blog post, we present to you a list of the top 10 mobile app builders of 2019 along with their features.



– This mobile app builder enables anyone to maintain an awesome looking interactive application without any special coding skills.

  • Simple CMS
  • Push Notifications
  • Data Encryption at rest and transit

Mobile Roadie

– Mobile Roadie brings both app development and mobile marketing together and empowers you to build a customized app in no time and update it on the fly.
Features: Across Media – Photo, Video, Audio

  • News
  • Fanwall
  • Events

It also has Pro features.


– Swiftic has emerged as a leading DIY (Do-It-Yourself) mobile app maker and has helped over a million small businesses through their personalised apps.

  • Loyalty Cards
  • Mobile Store
  • Deliveries


– Originally based on MIT App Inventor, AppyBuilder is a cloud-based free drag & drop mobile app builder platform that allow users to quickly design and build Android mobile apps, even with no coding skills.

  • Multi-language Support
  • Monetisation
  • Community Forum and Documentation



– Emphasis on Progressive Web App


  • User Authentication
  • Content Management
  • Monetisation
  • Chat and Community


– With no setup fee, they promise to enable users to create apps for iOS, Android, Kindle with a wide variety of templates

  • Progressive Web Apps
  • In-app purchase
  • QR codes


– Simple, Affordable and Powerful

  • App designer
  • CMS
  • Preview and Publishing
  • White Label Reseller Program


– This mobile app builder allows you to scan existing websites and use that as blueprint to build apps for iOS and Android.

  • Selection of Building Blocks
  • Previewer
  • Testing
  • Wizard


– BiznessApps is a mobile app builder that allows users to develop apps for their businesses with advanced features giving powerful results.

  • Mobile Ordering
  • Loyalty Program
  • Reviews
  • Messages
  • Integrations


– Mobincube is one of the few apps that offers an absolute level of customisation, coupled with huge flexibility to design your apps.

  • Easy Visual Interface
  • Support for all kind of apps
  • Advanced Features including monetisation and Push notifications

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