The Relevance of jQuery Today

The Relevance of jQuery Today

Web Developers who have been in the web development space for quite some time would be very much familiar with JavaScript. Experienced programmers might have used some of its libraries in their web development projects. One among them is jQuery. The recent version of jQuery – jQuery 3.4 is now available for web programmers to use. In this backdrop, our developer team at HireIndianProgrammers work using the new version of jQuery and convey their thoughts via this blogpost.

jQuery has been here since 2006 and it is still quite popular among web developers – what with it powering around 73% websites today. Yet, with the advancements in web browsers and the emergence of single-page-application (SPA) frameworks, clients hiring a programmer to develop a website prefer taking the short and supposedly easy way. The relevance of jQuery today is tested. So here are some reasons why clients hiring a developer might want to continue using jQuery after all.

First off, our programmers at HireIndianProgrammers having worked with JavaScript extensively, would like to make the point that anyone working on web development projects should have knowledge of the library.

Serious clients hiring a developer would do well to use the appropriate technology tools for corresponding projects. Our experienced coders in JavaScript find that jQuery can still be used for developing simple and elegant front end experiences involving some animations here and there with limited user interactions. No need for other frameworks whatsoever.

Secondly, jQuery is one of the minimalistic libraries we have used till date and continues to do so. Therefore, web developers working on crucial web development projects can certainly continue to use jQuery without second thoughts.

The next point in support of jQuery is directed towards the uninitiated – that is, newbie programmers. Some small time clients may opt for hiring a coder who is doing freelance. Such clients are most likely owners of small businesses who want to develop a simple website expanding their scope. In such cases, it is better for coders to learn jQuery rather than vanilla JavaScript. Learning jQuery is synonymous to learning a ride a bicycle with the help of extra wheels initially.

Programmers familiar with WordPress or other related CMS can afford to work using jQuery. Clients hiring a programmer to develop websites targeted at even old versions of browsers can also use jQuery. In any case, web developers are so used to jQuery because of its ease of use and simplicity. No harm in continuing coding in it.

We conclude by stating that the latest version of jQuery still stands by the original dictum – write less, do more – and makes it easier to use JavaScript for all clients hiring a dedicated programmer to develop websites.Yet, web developers will have to keep in mind that the jQuery ecosystem is set to decline in the foreseeable future. Therefore, it would augur well for them to learn new languages and keep abreast of the latest trends in the world of web development.

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