The Art of Marketing through Videos

The Art of Marketing through Videos

Irrespective of the business that your client is in, marketing is an integral part of their operations. In fact, in this day and age of social media clutter, targeted marketing becomes all the more critical. Accordingly, new forms of marketing emerged in the past decade along with the rise of smartphones and sharing culture. Today, it has come to the point wherein a business without an online presence cannot hope to make it big. Given that we have been in the web development space for over a decade, quite a number of foreign clients hire Indian programmers to develop applications for their business. In every project, our developer team strives hard to come up with ideas to market their business in the online space.

There are many tools to market business in the virtual world such as blogs, audio and visual media, infographics, direct marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and so on. Online marketing is evolving as we speak. For instance, the advent of chatbots has essentially combined both marketing and customer service. In this blogpost, we are going to look at why and how clients need to incorporate video marketing in their overall marketing strategy and also how it can enhance the client’s relationship with their customers. In our opinion, we feel that video marketing trump other forms of marketing like blogs and pictures. This is attributed to the general consensus that videos tend to attract and retain attention of customers better and convey a lot with less.

Dual Objective – Attract and Retain Attention

One thing we all can certainly agree is that videos are a great means of entertaining client’s customers. This is because of the simple fact that the human brain has an affinity towards movement than static visuals. Not only that, it also projects an image that the business is highly dynamic. Video marketing can especially go a long way in helping customers, in the case of companies selling sophisticated products/services. Why is this so? Often it can be tough to explain complex ideas in the written format or even pictures. It can also lead to negative feelings of frustration in case customers are not able to understand what the company is projecting. Imagine a customer having to deal with an ill-designed guide to the client’s service. Crafting elegant videos are a means to break down complex messaging and delivering to customers without any hassles.

Greater Reach and Conversions

Perhaps, the best feature of video marketing is that it is easily shareable and clients can really leverage the power of the sharing culture across platforms. All that is required is the video link which can then be used to share the client’s videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. The right hashtags that aligns with the client’s business can generate a buzz in social media and ultimately result in greater number of new customers getting to know about the product/service. An entertaining video can also lead to high quality engagement from which the client can understand what the customers feel about their product. This circular flow of content generation and feedback mechanism can allow the client to continually work on their product and gives them space to be receptive to their customers.


Yet, the real edge of video marketing over other forms is its enhanced ability to get customers sign up/purchase for the client’s services. Statistically speaking, many surveys point out that customers are more likely to better remember product marketing through videos and also end up buying the same. Of course, it goes without saying that to achieve the above, clients need to create attractive and meaningful videos that not only warrants attention but also provides a compelling reason to purchase the client’s services.

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