SEO Friendly Web Design

SEO Friendly Web Design

When it comes to building websites for your business, especially if it concerns a brand, you will need to follow a set of mantras. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation is one among them. An SEO friendly website will allow your website to drive a good amount of organic traffic – very important for the success of business websites. More organic traffic means more customers.

This methodological process can be executed impressively by letting an experienced SEO company to do the website design and development for you. With a dedicated team of programmers at HireIndianProgrammers, all your SEO needs comes to an end.

In this blogpost, we will provide some tips on creating an SEO friendly web design.


Title Tag

This is crucial from an SEO point of view because, titles are the first to be crawled by search engines and therefore must include the most important keywords you as a business want to rank in search engines.

Responsive Web Design

Responsiveness is key for search engine optimisation of your website. Using a lot of flash, for instance, on your website can badly impact your website. Use it wherever necessary.

Reducing load times will result in more customers staying in your website, thereby resulting in more signup conversions, boosting business. In this respect, it is highly imperative that you hire the right programmer because only such a person will wholly understand its significance and do everything in her power to develop an efficient website.


Image Optimisation

In addition to text optimisation in your site, you must also attempt to optimise your images. This is because images have a lot of data and pose loading problems in user devices.

Image optimisation can be achieved by employing smart SEO tactics such as choosing small to medium images and including potential keywords under the alt tag of your images. This will improve your search engine optimisation.


Be Specific

Out of a billion websites, if you want your business website to improve in search engine rankings, then you have to be more specific. Anything you put on your website, including URLs, has to be user friendly. This will let the search engine know about your site in detail.

Hiring the right programmer is therefore imperative, for she will know to ask the exact specificationsof your business.


Platform Optimisation

With more kind of devices in the market, customers are accessing the same web from different sources. This calls for optimisation across devices. It is very likely customers will prefer accessing your website on their mobile devices. Therefore, being mobile friendly is an important aspect from an SEO standpoint.

A good programmer would know for a fact that a greater emphasis on mobile SEO development is preferred in recent years.


Social Media

Incorporating social media tools in your website will help it rank better in the search engine. In whatever social media your business may have an account, it is beneficial to include those corresponding icons in your site. This will allow your business to be more personable for your customers. And, bring more personable will result in increasing your customers’ loyalty.

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