Sentiment Analysis for Social Media Network

sentiment analysis

We successfully done and got good result from client about Sentiment Analysis for twitter,bing, youtube,google news, facebook If some one post or tweet about our site in social network, It will all show tweet , news, video and tags For example, do people on Twitter think that Chinese food in San Francisco is good or bad?

Analyzing tweets for sentiment will answer this question for you. You can also learn why people think the food is good or bad, by extracting the exact word indicating why people did or didn’t like the food. Example: “too salty”

This is the kind of insight one hopes to find when conducting market research. Now you know whether to expand your Chinese food empire to San Francisco or to keep it in Las Angeles.

Sentiment Analysis can be used to determine sentiment on a variety of levels. It will score the entire document as positive or negative, and it will also score the sentiment of individual words or phrases in the document. For example, if someone is attacking your brand on social media, sentiment analysis will score the post as extremely negative, and you can create alerts for posts with hyper-negative sentiment scores.