Secure Your Business with CAPTCHA (Cont.)

If you were a business owner attempting to improve the potential flaws in the security then CAPTCHA is the best Choice. As we discussed in the previous post, choosing among the CAPTCHA and ReCaptcha is the crucial decision you have to take.

CAPTCHA is a human validation test which asks the visitors to complete the mathematical problems like addition, subtraction and multiplication. The Mathematical equation shows up either in letters or numbers. So that bots may fail to solve the Captcha and increase the security level of the website.

ReCaptcha is as similar to Captcha which helps to protect the website. On the other hand, it assists the website by offering the words or numbers in the form of an image. Hire WordPress Developer from  India to implement security measures on your website. Normally ReCaptcha is in two forms such as “I’m not a robot” checkbox or words in the form of an image.

You have to use CAPTCHA carefully without affecting the experience of the users.