Reasons Why WordPress Is Still Great

Reasons Why WordPress Is Still Great

Experienced web developers and programming stalwarts who have been in the web development domain for a significant period, much like the developer team at HireIndianProgrammers, would be familiar with WordPress. Even though a lot of content management systems have emerged after WordPress, it still dominates the CMS market. A vast number of programmers, developers, bloggers, freelancers use the CMS to provide WordPress Development services to make a living out of it. Clients ranging from businesspersons, marketers, small scale entrepreneurs hire programmers to develop dynamic websites for various reasons. They may even hire developers to design rich mobile applications.

With every software that comes out, there are always updates in the subsequent years in order to satisfy developer demands or increase features or enhance the developer experience. All these updates seek to establish a loyal developer base and also to attract new web-developers. But, as in WordPress’ latest update – the Gutenberg block editor, not every update will succeed and can possibly become mired in controversy for the wrong reasons. But not all is lost. In this blogpost, as staunch developers and users of WordPress ourselves, we seek to let you know why WordPress is still great and why you must continue using it, in case you are one of those who might have lost trust on the CMS and on the lookout for alternatives.


Still gets the job done

WordPress was one of the first to launch in the CMS market and from then on, there was no turning back for the CMS giant. Given that a lot has changed and many features have been added, some of which not liked by all, WordPress still continues to be popular and undisputed leader of CMS. Why, you ask? Because of its incredible flexibility and abundant features. With regard to the Gutenberg editor, if programmers don’t like it, they can always switch to the classic editor. Change is inevitable and ultimately it is us who have to choose between staying in the present and adapting. Like always, WordPress still gets the job done in your projects.


Vibrant Ecosystem and Developer Community

There is no denying that WordPress has one of the strongest developer communities around. The best part of this vibrant ecosystem is the diversity of developers. They range from novices and freelancers to corporate IT people. With a range of backgrounds, there is bound to be an explosion of perspectives and sharing of ideas. In the WordPress Development ecosystem, there is always something to gain for anyone in this domain. Be it WordCamp or the online forums, programmers get to meet their contemporaries and participate in the culture of sharing knowledge. When that happens on a large scale, the software as a whole goes forward with positivity.

For example, suppose a client hiring a programmer wants her to develop a unique application that requires the installation of a new plugin. If the said programmer has just started providing freelance WordPress Development services and requires assistance, she can always take the help of the WordPress Developer community and also make use of the exhaustive library resources in it.


WordPress is here to stay

Programmers have to realise that the time they spend on learning a CMS is valuable and therefore they cannot afford to throw it away just for a few errors. WordPress in particular has grown over the last 15 years, updating itself to accommodate new requests of developers, in a sustainable way. With every major development, WordPress has managed to hold onto its reins and it will continue to do so. Programmers certainly do not want to get stuck with a CMS that is outdated or looking at bleak growth.Besides, who would want to let go of the fantastic WordPress Developer community?

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