Popular Web Tools and Services of 2019


We all wish to get more done in a single day and constantly on the lookout for new methods to do more in less time. Entrepreneurs and developers alike, yearn for certain web tools and services that attempt to boost our productivity.

HireIndianProgrammers is a leading player in the software development business having expertise in multiple domains. Over the years, a large number of offshore clients based in the U.S have hired the services of the company earning goodwill. Among other things, HireIndianProgrammers also designs and develops web tools as per the needs of the client.

In this blogpost, we will look at some of the popular web tools and services. In order to make your pick, first you need to identify those processes that are of absolute importance for your business – in other words your business’ success hinges on it.



Chances are that you might have seen WIX ads on Youtube several times.WIX is one of the most powerful platforms for website development. Having tons of resources ranging from tutorials to webinars, WIX is sure to appeal even to the novice person.

Having a simple drag and drop builder user interface along with loads of pre-designed templates, WIX provides you the freedom to develop websites for any size. Whether it is a simple website for business start-ups or a massive website for business expansion, WIX can do it all. Hiring a programmer from our company would serve all your web app development needs.



This is a one stop easy solution to build highly converting landing pages without any programming experience whatsoever. It has a large number of landing page templates with a drag drop builder and the interface is also easy on the mind. You can hire a dedicated programmer who would know to analyse your requirements and develop the exact landing pages for you.


Work Examiner

Work Examiner is a powerful internet monitoring software. It means that as a business you can track your employees’ working times and efficiency. How many are actually and how many are just whiling away their time on the internet. This can be effectively used to increase the productivity in your company.


Content Snare

Content Snare is a tool that aims at helping digital agencies and web app developers to get content from their clients automatically.It eliminates the hassle of chasing clients for content.

Content Snare is a content gathering tool that automates the content gathering process – it lays out the content in a clear structure, does all the chasing and following up and copies and pastes content without digging through emails. The icing on the cake is that it lets you know only when everything is ready to go.


Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a tool that helps you with all things related to branding for any business – be it small or midsize – from the start till the end. Starting with designing logos to creating business cards and presentations that are branded with your logo, you will be able to use the tool’s Master Design tool.

It is the perfect tool for all your branding needs.


Dr. Link Checker

No visitor likes a malicious link. Bad links can potentially harm your business. There are possibilities that if visitors find bad links on your site they might never return again which is ultimately a loss of signup conversion.

This is where Dr. Link Checker comes to your rescue, especially if your site is a massive one and there are hundreds of links and manual searching is not possible. Within minutes links will be fixed.



If you want to generate a buzz surrounding your business, uSocial is THE tool to achieve this. It provides your website visitors to share your content. Whatever social media tools you want – you name it – uSocial is there to insert it into your site. You need not know any programming whatsoever.

You can now hire a programmer at HireIndianProgrammers and accrue her services, who will be working round the clock to ensure that the final output aligns with your business vision.