Major Turn-Offs to Avoid When Designing a Website

Major Turn-Offs to Avoid When Designing a Website

Web-programmers and developers and the general public would agree to the fact that the internet has undergone a massive change. Traditional businesses that had not jumped on the internet bandwagon might have floundered for a while before deciding to make a transition. Now, with the emergence of the smartphone, the challenges have increased.

Many clients now want to hire a dedicated programmer to develop a rich website not only for the desktop but also for mobile devices. Our  team of programmers and coders at HireIndianProgrammers, a leading firm providing a multitude of web development services, have successfully executed a range of web development projects. Using that experience, our developers seek to give you some crucial things that you must avoid at all costs. This is essential if clients hiring a developer want to provide a seamless user experience and stay on top of Google results.
Sluggish Performance

The biggest turn off that users browsing websites encounter is sluggish performance with bad loading times or anything that unnecessarily hinders user activity. They can take a variety of forms. One of the most common issues is slow loading times. It’s high time that programmers realise that there cannot be any compromises here. With the rise in internet speeds and emergence of powerful smartphones, visitors invariably expect to access information in seconds. Any delays here can cost the client business. Clients hiring a developer would do well to remember that responsiveness is of the highest order and take efforts in that direction.

Yet another issue related to performance is the rampant presence of animation. Animation, per se is cool and brings a sort of uniqueness and personality to the client’s website. However, clients hiring programmers who emphasise too much on animation can prove to be irritating for users who are subjected to the same animation over and over again. For instance, animation effects like fade in might make the website load slower. In other words, it hinders accessibility, which is the last thing programmers want.


Costly Distractions

The next common issue is the prevalence of distractions in websites. If a client is hiring a programmer to improve the website’s reach, this is certainly one of the focus areas. Distractions are of many kinds. They can be irrelevant pop-ups, permission forms, survey forms or even autoplay videos. These distractions can be costly if they are not rectified at the earliest. Programmers will have to do everything in their power to prevent visitors from switching over to another website.

Loud autoplay videos are a recipe for visitor frustration. It is here the client hiring the programmer will have to collaborate and decide on the right balance between conversion and promotion. Programmers can atleast aim at delivery consistency which is a positive thing. In the same way, pop-ups can really frustrate the visitor, especially if they are repetitive. Experienced developers will know that presenting too many pop-ups amounts to disrespecting the user’s wish to access content.

Finally, programmers and coders will have to make efforts in adapting to mobile web development – developing websites specifically for mobile. In fact, our developer team at HireIndianProgrammers have noticed the rise of mobile development projects. According to some studies, the number of users browsing websites on mobile are on the rise.

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