Key Metrics for apps to ensure its Market fit (Cont.)

Number of Downloads

To achieve success in the mobile app, the key metric you should never forget to determine is the number of downloads. Once the user starts seeing your app in the store they simply download it and use. When the user feels happy about your application they suggest it to their friends. If the number of downloads has increased over a particular period of time then it’s a good sign that indicates the growth of your business.

Time in the app

Time is used to determine how long the users stay in the mobile application on a daily basis. If the session time is less then you should understand the behavior of the customers. Hire a Coder who understands the behavior of the users and design a mobile application according to that. You should concentrate on the app load time when measuring the metrics of the app.


Engagement is another important metric to measure. It is used to know how the user interacts with the application and when they feel difficult to interact and so on. You should optimize the features to offer a seamless experience to the users.