How to Successfully Wrap up your Web Development projects

How to Successfully Wrap up your Web Development projects

Web programmers are always busy, often engaged in multiple projects at the same time. Therefore, it is as important to wrap up projects as it is to start the development. Our team of experienced programmers at HireIndianProgrammers have been in the web and mobile app development business for over a decade and a half. Having said that, in this blogpost, we come up with a few things that you as budding programmers can follow in wrapping up a project. We will also be suggesting some tools that can help you with the same.

As you near the end of the software development life cycle and about to deliver the product, only one thing must occupy your mind – final payment that the client is obligated to pay you by contract. After you release the final output of the website and the client gives the thumbs up, you can start sending the relevant invoices. Fortunately for us, there are some smart tolls that can automate the invoice configuration process with ease. We recommend AND CO. You can do a number of tasks ranging from creating proposals and contracts with timelines, scheduling and automatically sending invoices to the clients.

The second task is to draft a formal and polished e-mail to your client after receiving your payment within a time period of 7 days. As programmers or anyone hiring programmers, you must certainly be familiar with keeping in touch with the client by mail and other communication mediums. The goal of this mail, however, must be to get the client to schedule an appropriate closing call as soon as possible along with an objective for the same. With the help of Calendly tool you can create events for on-boarding and off-boarding in addition to availability times and communicate it to clients through links.

Next comes the task of handling the closing call itself. This can be better done through setting up video calls using tools like Zoom but you can also opt for screen shares. In this stage, as professional programmers you need to go over the basic operations of the website for the client, including but not limited to creating posts, pages, managing users etc; If the client has hired your services for a mobile app development project, then you could probably give an overview of the application’s frontend and backend. In other words, this training session of yours must instil confidence in the client.

The next step is to deliver on the final important things such as login credentials, style guides, design assets, licenses, if any. This stage is yet again very important lest you run the risk of uninformed clients coming to you at a later point of time (after contract period) for any urgent queries. Therefore, it is better to label everything and send it across a cloud tool like Dropbox.

Your off-boarding process comes to an end with this technically. But, experienced programmers will acknowledge that doing follow-ups with the client after a period of, say, 60 days is essential. So, to ensure things are up and running smoothly, set a reminder in your project management template, to follow up with your client. Follow ups reflect your professionalism and commitment to delivery of quality service. This holds true for both web development and mobile app development projects.

Hope these steps for a smooth wrap up of your web development projects were useful.

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