How to Sell your Web Development services

How to Sell your Web Development services

While the advent of different website builders like Wix means that it is easier to design websites, it most certainly doesn’t mean you are equipped enough to design a full functional website for your business. A working business website has a lot more complexities that often requires the expertise and services of a dedicated web and mobile app development company.

In this blogpost, seasoned web programmers at HireIndianProgrammers give you insights on approaching and converting reluctant prospects. Clients can be of every kind and we programmers as part of a leading web and mobile app development company, have come across our share of different clients. It is a challenge in itself to get in fruitful conversation with them.

  • Let’s start with the basics – The norms of communication between the client and salesperson mandate courtesy on the latter’s part at all situations and circumstances. The client is more likely to hire a programmer if he is a courteous person.
  • When clients start off with an air of reluctance and impatience, rather than treating it as a difficult situation, your task becomes cut out. Be fully prepared with a concise explanation on what you plan to achieve with them – deliberate on the benefits rather than features.
  • Having been in the programming field for a long time, you must obviously know the merits of developing and maintaining an in-house website over social media. Now you just have to convey in a language that can be understood by clients who might construe it differently. Focus on specifics of what the website can possibly do for their business
  • Do your research before embarking on a conversation with the client – if at all the client already has a working website, identify real flaws with it that might affect the online business and work on feasible solutions to improve the same.
  • If the client is hesitant to hire your services, engage in some sort of confidence building actions – for instance – demonstrating your workflow can result in winning immediate brownie points for you and further remove any remaining doubts in the client’s mind.
  • As stated earlier, doing your research and trying to understand the client’s business is important. Since it must likely be your niche, go one step further and gather some similar projects that you successfully completed as a programmer and show it to the client.
  • Now comes the pricing part. Here three possible cases can arise. If the client doesn’t have the required budget at the time, thank them and make sure to do a follow up at a later point of time. If the client still doesn’t see the value in your services, it is better to move on rather than arguing or worse, dropping your price. If you see the client to show signs of bargaining, it is crucial not to lose ground and reduce price but leave them be.
  • Never make false promises for the sake of closing deals, instead make promises that you can actually deliver on.
  • Devote time to prepare precise contracts and make the client agree to and sign the same. This projects professionalism.


Hope you found this post to be helpful. HireIndianProgrammers has been in the industry for more than a decade and our programmers have delivered several web and mobile app development projects successfully. Our clients, mostly from the US and also the UK, have continually hired the services of our programmers in a variety of projects, some of them lasting for years.

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