How to Optimize Website Speed?

How to Optimize Website Speed
Optimize Website Speed

Website performance optimization is the primary factor for your business to get success online. Everyone seems to be in a madding state to reduce the responsive time of the website. The number of visitors also decreases if the load time of the website is high. Before going to optimize your website you need to check the loading time with the help of tools like Pingdom and Woorank. Here are few tips to make your website load time less.

Image Optimization

This is the common mistake made by most of the people. Hire Dedicated Programmers from leading web Development Company creates a fruitful website for your business. It is advisable for the developer to compress the image before uploading the image in the site.

Minimize JavaScript and CSS

The developer can minimize the JavaScript, HTML and CSS by removing the unnecessary characters. You may remove the characters like Whitespace, command line and Block delimiters. This will also improve your site load time.