How to know the right number of plugins for your website

How to know the right number of plugins for your website

Web-programmers and developers providing  WordPress development services, akin to our developer team at HireIndianProgrammers,have made use of various plugins in different web development projects. Plugins are basically tools that help in accomplishing a lot of tasks with just a few clicks. But there is a catch associated with using many plugins. Implementing multiple plugins can significantly reduce the performance of the website, reduce loading speeds, sometimes even causing crashes.

Therefore, our dedicated WordPress developers, in their quest to share their knowledge from years of web development to the wider WordPress development community, seek to give you an idea on deciding the right number of plugins. There is no golden number with regard to this but certain factors can help you determine the right number.


Understanding Plugins

Developers in WordPress development for long build plugins for clients to attract users to the site. Depending on the type of site, kind of visitors, functionality of the website, the kind of plugins also differs. Sometimes, there can be a case where developing a single plugin with multiple functionalities or there can be a case where developing many plugins for specific purposes is preferred. Either way, WordPress developers will have to assess the website requirements and also factor in the available time – developing a custom plugin can take time. One advantage of developing a single plugin for multiple purposes is the reduced testing time – issues can be easily fixed.


Good Host

One of the important factors for firms providing WordPress development services is to look for a provider that offers superior computing power and bandwidth. In addition to that, developers would do well to adapt themselves to PHP 7.X that is said to be way more powerful than earlier versions. In other words, the more resources developers are able to access, the more number of plugins they will be able to easily develop and get them running.


Testing and Configuring

Developers in WordPress development or even other domains will readily agree on the importance of testing. When it comes to coding, there are always better ways to run a program and plugins are no exception. If a particular plugin encounters performance issues, developers can always fix and improve it with testing.

WordPress developers in particular can make use of various dedicated third party testing tools. If budget is a constraint, developers need not fret. There are a couple of testing tools like Query monitor which can help pinpointing possible issues with plugin. It can also help developers in choosing an alternative.
Finally, developers providing WordPress development services should also be able to configure the right settings for different plugins. With regard to this, it ultimately boils down to the necessity of using the corresponding plugin and how far performance takes a hit when it is turned off.

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