How to Build A Strong Relationship with Clients

How to Build A Strong Relationship with Clients

So, having just started your business, you successfully bag an exciting project from a new client. Next, you proceed to work on it sincerely with an extraordinary dedication and deliver the said project on time. The client is thoroughly satisfied and you also end up happy. Does your working relationship end here? Absolutely not. Most people in the software business fail to realise the importance of maintaining a robust and continual relationship with their clients. We are not just talking about the occasional maintenance that you may have promised in your contract for a fixed period.

At HireIndianProgrammers, reliability is the order of the day. Our Clients keep coming back to us and hire our programmers and developers for this reason. We constantly do everything in our power to keep the relationship positive and continuous.

Why go to all lengths, you ask? To build loyalty amongst your clients. They will gain respect for you and most importantly, they will come to you for future projects without second thoughts. All of this will ultimately help in growing your brand equity.

What all must one do to build and sustain a solid relationship with her client? We see exactly that in this blogpost.

Don’t beat around the bush

If you are starting out new, this is one of the first things that you must follow, period. Why? If you beat around the bush, clients will quickly lose interest. Time is of the essence. Don’t talk too much technical or too much layman. Strike a balance between the two. Our developers at HireIndianProgrammers, irrespective of client expectations, fully understand them and quickly put to rest any lack of clarity from the client’s side.

If there is any issue in the project, explain to the client about the reasons/ what can be done, in a language she is able to visualise. Being concise in your work will take you places.

Honesty is universal and liked by all

We all are familiar with the saying – Honesty is the best policy – and it still holds true. Especially, when it comes to the workplace. A hint of lying sensed by your client will permanently tarnish your image. It will also hinder your future projects.

Imagine a negative testimonial from a very profitable client!

Keep them in the loop

Clients pay money for your services. So this is a complete obligation from your part. No excuses, whatsoever. Moreover, no client likes to be held in the dark. Initially, when you are just starting out, there may not be difficulties in keeping your clients informed.

But the more clients you get and the bigger the project gets, this can virtually become a nightmare for you, if you don’t prioritise your schedule and projects. Even if there have been some minor issues or missed deadlines, by all means, inform your clients about it. A continual ‘keeping them in the loop’ will give more brownie points for you.


Taking Initiative

Don’t be rigid in your work and just stick to the project given to you. This also depends on the client and nature of project. Often, taking initiative in your work, will rub your clients in positive ways. Initiatives can range from giving bold suggestions to hosting informative webinars that will ultimately benefit the client.

Moreover, by taking such initiatives, you will project a positive image in the client’s mind.

Finally, whether there is an ongoing project or not, ensure that you always stay connected with your clients by all means. This can be done by providing the usual maintenance and support or some kind of passive activity, like newsletters. All this will enable the client to remember you often. And, that is always good news!

Many of our clients have been with us for a long time owing to the services of our programmers at HireIndianProgrammers.

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