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Looking to create nimble apps for your chat, gaming, or social networking services? Don’t risk it with inexperienced developers.

Instead, hire our Node.js developers for a flawless delivery. With more than 18 years of experience in developing front end and backend components, our developers can deliver complex Node.js projects and save you upto 50% in costs.

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Our Expert NodeJS Programmers are Thorough Professionals

Are you looking to develop full-stack gaming, IoT, broadcasting, or any other complex application?

We have a team of dedicated, capable and skilled Node JS developers from India who deliver responsive server-side web applications and unlock the optimum potential by deriving fast, scalable apps in quick time. As a leading and award-winning Node JS development company, we have developed various real-time applications which require a large number of I/O operations.

Our team of full-time in-house NodeJS developers from India implements new ways to deliver flexible, lightweight, and highly performant applications. Hire our NodeJS experts for developing custom-made, budget-friendly, and user-friendly applications using Node.js for web and mobile. We are known for:

  • On-time project delivery with agility
  • Excellent business results
  • Security and IP protection
  • Highly flexible engagement model
  • Cost-effectiveness with no hidden cost
  • World-class dedicated team for rapid app development
  • Experience

    Our great team of more than 15 software experts.

  • Quick Support

    We’ll help you test bold new ideas while sharing your.


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Why Node JS Development From HIP?

Want to create the best web
applications? We got you covered.

Extremely fast and scalable

Our dedicated Node.js coders code with one programming language for the front end and back end to scale faster.

Hidden buffering while processing media

Our Indian Node.js developers for hire reduce processing times while uploading audio and video files on the site.

Best suited for heavy server-side computation

Our NodeJS programmers are capable of managing a huge amount of parallel connections with high throughput.

Asynchronous and event-driven

Maintain the best concurrency and build a pattern to drive events at the same time

Easy coding and resourcing

Our expert Node developers use a single process that requires fewer resources and delivers easy coding.

Reduce sync

Our experienced NodeJS developers in India quickly shift the data transmission between the server and the client.

Perfect for real-time applications

With a non-blocking I/O feature, handle multiple user queries at a single time.

Fast and light on resources

Scalable web application with an event-driven model that makes it light on resources.

Tools our Developers use

We Use State-of-the-art
Tech Stack to Scale
Node JS Website’s Performance

Our NodeJS developers & programmers implement only the best Node JS development tools to speed up the process of developing world-class applications.

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Node JS Developers + Latest Frameworks
= Best Node JS Application Development

Hire our Node JS developers from India who know their way around the best frameworks suitable for your business.

nest js
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loopback js
meteor js
derby js
express js
feathers js
hapi js
koa js

Our Node JS Developers are PRO at

How We Drive Success For You With
Our Node JS Solutions?

Our team of highly skilled Nodejs developers offer end-to-end services to bring your brand around in no time!

NodeJs Content Management

Using the Node.js admin panel extensibility and Strapi, our dedicated remote Node.js developers team helps you create better content and manage it as well. We offer rich user experiences that’re exposed to any digital platform.

NodeJs Video Conferencing

Hire Full-stack Node.Js framework developers who enable you to share video and audio files with the connected users while facilitating flawless communication. Allow us to facilitate your API & server-side communication

NodeJs Social Media

We help you create, manage, and retain large-scale feed using Node.js and third-party integrations. Personalize and upgrade your feeds to improve your social engagement.

Node.JS Application

As a leading Node JS development company, we can turn any application ideas into a reality. All our Node.js apps help you streamline I/O operations and real-time systems.

NodeJs Chatbot Application

Hiring our Node js developers in India who involve active data exchange and back-end time tracking solutions for chatbot and dashboards-active applications. Be extensive with real-time high-data applications.

NodeJs API Development &

Right from implementing custom APIs with Node.js to ensuring uninterrupted integrations of any solutions, we are one-stop Node.Js development solutions for your custom needs.

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Applications with us?

Let’s connect and discuss your requirements. our excellent team of qualified and dedicated Node.Js expert developers can come up with sustainable solutions for you and get you a roadmap!

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Why Hire our Node JS Developers?

Unlock the Door To Performance
Oriented Web Apps

Hire Node JS programmers from Hire Indian Programmers and get the best-in-class business-centric applications just in one click.

  • No Contract Lock-ins
  • 100% Real Reviews
  • No Freelancers
why hip hire nodejs developer
  • 18+ years of experience

    Work with a professional Node JS development agency that has developed web applications for global businesses belonging to various industries.

  • Innovative & experimenting approach

    We develop custom APIs and offer a strategic third-party app integration to cater to your real-time and data-intensive Node.js solutions.

  • Strong proficiency in Javascript

    Our Node.Js programmers have strong command of JavaScript and Node js which is an open-source, cross-platform, and back-end JavaScript runtime environment.

  • Deliver customer-centric solutions

    Our team of remote Node.js programmers helps you build AI-powered web applications that are capable of identifying natural language and conversion interaction.

  • On-time project completion

    We can extensively build real-time apps, chat-based apps, social networking apps, interactive web portals, back-end dashboards, big data and IoT apps for you.

  • Pro in server-side templating language & CSS processors

    We have a command on numerous CSS processors such as Stylus, Less and many more required tech stacks to offer feature-rich web applications.

How to Hire our Node JS Developers?

hire Our Indian Node.js developers in 3 Ways

Dedicated Team

Get access to a highly specialized dedicated team of Node.js developers when you opt for our reliable team model. Share the requirements of your upcoming Node JS projects, and we will schedule a meeting, walk you through the team composition, and deliver. In addition, you get to pay as per the contract.

  • Pay as per the working hours
  • Get a specialized team of developers
  • New team evolution
  • Monthly payment

Fixed Price Model

Delegate the entire Node JS project to us and pay as per the fixed amount discussed only after the completion. This model is good to go for those projects that require timely gathering and gap analysis. However, if you pick this model, get ready to take your business sky high.

  • Cost and time estimation
  • Pay as per the fixed amount
  • Timely project completion
  • No hidden cost


Hire us for your ongoing Node JS work and pay as per the hours worked for you. If you need minor changes in your Node JS web development, this model is best for you. We entitle you to the best Node JS development team from India, who will work as per your instructions.

  • Pay as you go
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for quantifiable work
  • No fixed deadlines


Our Node JS Projects

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Listen to what one of our clients say about us after he hires our programmers to develop his web application. We believe our business success is directly proportional to our clients satisfaction.

--Kerim Kfuri

maria camilla

I contracted HIP through its website. I did not know them. I also contacted other companies in India and other countries I sent the briefing of my project to all of them. From the first moment HIP was the ... Read More


Marco Gonzalez Hauge

Listen to what one of our clients say about us after he hires our programmers to develop his web application. We believe our business success is directly proportional to our clients satisfaction.

--Marco Gonzalez Hauger

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LinkedIn, Uber, PayPal, Walmart and giants use Node.js platform. Are you ready to follow their success with your idea?

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ before Hiring
our Node JS Developers

Node JS is used for those websites and apps that will grab massive traffic and operate with several I/O operations. It is significantly used for developing gaming apps, data streaming apps, chat boards, stock traders dashboard, IoT apps, and any other server-side web applications typically operated in real-time with massive traffic. Developing node.js applications takes less time compared to other development frameworks and programming languages.

Node.js is great for microservices as Node.js is apt to deliver dynamic, lightweight, and high-performing applications. It also results in providing greater control over the functionality of microservices. Further, when you choose serverless with Node.js, this indicates that your developer is not bound to manage servers; instead, work to scale up applications with functions, thus saving the overall cost.

The ability to quickly scale up and perform faster makes node.js a better choice for companies of all sizes. In addition, you can hire the best Node JS developers for your specific needs. It is possible to build an application using Node.Js, but due to its I/O operations and real-time systems specialty, it is recommended to use Node.js when your app is event-based.

Node JS has a vast reservoir of modules in the NPM, which is essential for prototyping and building MVPs. It makes your applications fast, secure, and robust. But, it has some shortcomings too, like it’s hard to choose the best one among a large number of modules. So before you Hire Node JS developers, just check out their Node Js skills and prototyping and MVP creation experience.

Node JS is known as a server-side platform, but you can build both desktop and mobile apps. Node JS used some frameworks like Electron and borrowed some significant code of web application development. Our developers excel in creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for impressive desktop apps. Node js is also compatible with writing both back-end and front-end development codes.

Node JS is a flexible platform that many web app developers increasingly use. It is quite popular and loved by many prominent business enterprises including, Netflix, Linked In, Uber, PayPal, eBay, Walmart, and GoDaddy. Node JS’s simple, scalable and community-driven solutions make it versatile in usage. A lot of users prefer to spend more time on real-time event-based applications making Node js even popular.

For Machine Learning, Node JS is not an appropriate one, but some of the other features of Node JS are the best solution. For example, node JS is best for real-time-based applications, but machine learning requires heavy cloud computation, which Node JS does not deliver. For AI-based integrations and machine learning, you can hire our Python developers, who will help you develop better ML and AI applications.

Yes. We sign an NDA with all confidential clauses and keep all the information about your project in it. Our developers are also covered under that NDA. We are an established company and do not work haphazardly like Node JS freelancers. Be assured of quality and consistency when you go for a contract with us.

We provide support after launching your app. Whenever you feel like discussing some app-related issue then feel free to contact us. Our project manager will support you in any extension and any types of add-ons that will be required. Again, when you work with Hire Indian Programmers, who are not like freelancers that flee after delivery. We will help you to get set, up and running, and are there for any hiccups that you’re facing.

First, you can contact us without any stress. We are always here for you to support any of your requirements. We follow a process for up-gradation and it starts with the sharing of codebases of your existing app that we need. Then we will provide maintenance support for fixing the bug issue. After that, it will be easy to enhance the Node.Js fixing. That’s very unlike the random contracts and the freelancers available on UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

When we are hiring any developers the first criteria we value is their work experience and that should be 5+ years. We have a team of expert and talented Node.js programmers and they have extensive work experience and in-depth knowledge to build different dynamic, fast, scalable, and real-time applications.

You can trust us and hire our Indian Node.Js web application developers for leveraging the top-notch Node.Js development solutions that help you to achieve your desired business output. Unlike the freelancers who work on a bit of everything, our team has a dedicated set of specialists.

Yes, you can hire our NodeJs developers as per your project’s requirements. You should mention the task to get done from our programmers and hire them on a project/task or hourly basis. We provide different hiring models for your comfort and flexibility and you can even change the model at a later stage.

The cost to develop Node.Js apps completely depends on the project types, industry, and business requirements. There are so many factors on which the cost depends; such as app complexity, customization, number of stakeholders who have connected with the app, industry type, app advanced features, etc. So, first, we need to analyze your requirements, then only can we send you a quote for your project.

This completely depends on the type, size, model, and project’s requirement. We can not give an exact time for project completion. But we can assure you an estimated time that is genuine for any web development project. We will take generally 4 weeks to 52 weeks to complete any web project. This time depends on the size, integration, functionalities, customization as per your website requirement.

We are always keeping our clients in a loop while our Node.Js developers work together on their projects. Our dedicated team, project management tools, and managers help us in this. Hire our Node.Js developers who have always preferred a perfect communication medium that is also suitable for you.

Our Node.Js developers always use the preferred communication channel suitable for our clients. You can communicate with our developer team via our messaging tool, phone, email, etc.

Yes, you can. It is possible to change the developers in the middle of your project but there are some disadvantages of doing this. If you change the developer then maybe your project will be delayed because it is quite obvious for the newly deployed developers to take some time to understand the project. But again, if you are not in a hurry then you can change the developer with our backup plan for such a discomfort situation. This is not similar to hiring a freelancer, who cannot be changed in the middle of the project. So, if you wish, Hire Indian Programmers always allows you this option.

Yes, of course. You can take absolute ownership of your source code. We are one of the trusted Node.Js solution providers and we always ensure to not use anything specific such as your trademarks, patented processes, license keys, etc. that we have used to develop your app.

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