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AngularJS Development Services

We have been in the business for over a decade, helping our clients, especially offshore clients to help kick start their business online. Conducting business online requires deep technical expertise that our developers here are equipped to the core. We help in transitioning the client to the disruptive online marketplace through our AngularJS development services.

What is AngularJS? 

There are hundreds of frameworks that developers work with, to build robust and scalable websites. In the list of such frameworks, AngularJS is one of the top and most popular structural frameworks that is used for development of dynamic web applications. Conceived as an open source framework, it is widely used among developers due to its advanced data binding and dependency injection that widens the scope of regular HTML syntax within the browser.  There are a lot of benefits to AngularJS web development services, some of which are stated below:

  • Efficient framework specifically with respect to deploying Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Capability of developing single page applications (SPA)
  • Ample scope for developing scalable, lightweight and mobile ready applications
  • Open source and cross browser compatibility
  • Scope for development of real time interactive applications

Our Approach to AngularJS

AngularJS provides the capability to create Single Page Application in a very clean maintainable way
and the code is unit testable

AngularJS Development Company In India

As a dedicated AngularJS development company, we extensively use this powerful framework for building sophisticated, scalable and most importantly data-driven web applications. Our strength lies in following a rigorous and tested software development lifecycle model. First and foremost, for the success of any web development project, we emphasise on understanding the core business objectives – what the business is about, who their customers are, what kind of market are we looking at and so on. Everything is factored in when chalking out design and development strategies of the website.

We adopt a modular approach to web development, meaning we break the process in workable components and start working on them individually. One of our best qualities as an AngularJS web development company is that we don’t insist on messy contracts that burdens the client. From the start till the end, our developers will strive to take in client inputs at every stage possible and work it our own rich domain expertise to address conflicting issues. In fact, for this purpose we maintain a dedicated online portal for maintaining communications with our client at all times.

Are you looking to develop sophisticated web development solutions for your new business? Check out our web development portfolio in the website to assess our work. If you are satisfied, drop us a mail and our developers will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Hire a developer today and bring your business dreams to fruition.

Maria Camilla's Testimonial

Maria Camila- PHP Web Development Testimonial

I contracted HIP through its website. I did not know them. I also contacted other companies in India and other countries I sent the briefing of my project to all of them. From the first moment HIP was the company that best attended me, and understood my project, even before I hired them. We talked a lot in English through Skype, we closed the project budget. But what made me hire them was the seriousness and confidence that they passed me from the first moment. Even though we are in Brazil, on the other side of the world, we have daily Skype meetings, daily execution reports, distance and language are not problems. HIP is always concerned about performing the best for its customer because in any development there are corrections to be made and they are the first to point, suggest and improve the product. Surely what made me choose them was the professionalism, the good service, the seriousness and the technical knowledge of all of the team.
I have other projects in mind and I will definitely hire them again and refer them to the people I know and need serious developers to make their dreams come true.



Years of Experience in Angular Js Developers

At Hire Indian Programmers, we extensively use this powerful framework for building scalable, sophisticated and data-driven web applications. Our strength lies in our continous effort, starting from Angular base version till Version 8, for around 5+ years with rigid progress on our client’s business.

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