Getting your Website Popular on the Internet

Getting your Website Popular on the Internet

Web-programmers and developers would be familiar with the concept of going viral. We, at HireIndianProgrammers – a leading web development company providing web development services, have faced our share of clients wanting to get their website viral. While there were exceptions, most of the clients hiring our programmers, did not have a full grasp on what it means and takes to go viral. In this blogpost, our experienced developers give some tips to getting your website popular in a sustained manner.

Why going Viral isn’t always good?

When a piece of information goes viral, it means that the said information will spread like a virus or a wildfire, but the duration is short-lived. But this is the internet we are talking about, where new websites/ brands are on the rise and existing ones are revamped almost on a daily basis. Moreover, programmers and clients must understand that to stand out from the myriad data in the long term, they must do more than just viral marketing.

Way Around

Web-programmers and business owners would do well sit together and chalk out a plan for developing a website and attracting, engaging and acquiring the customers over a long period – in other words – striving for organic growth. Clients hiring developers to develop websites along organic lines will be duly rewarded by Google too, for it encourages quality and recognises trust.

Personalisation is Key

The first thing that clients must do after they hire dedicated programmers for a particular web development project is to communicate the exact requirements and expectations – laying the groundwork. Programmers must focus on that element unique to the client’s business and use it as a template in everything in their web-designing. This ranges from layouts, colours, visuals, content and so on. When developers incorporate these elements on a continual basis, they are more likely to get etched in people’s minds. It also gives a consistency to the client’s brand.

Organic Content is King

Rather than going for paid posts that create impact for a short duration, it is always better to craft your way around. At the same time, developers can get in touch with their clients and get to know about the trends in their business. This can serve as inputs for generating quality content in the website – directly or indirectly contributing to sales or brand equity.Developers, by cashing on relevant trends, are also reminding customers about the brand in a non-gimmicky manner.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, as aspiring or experienced programmers and developers, we have to try to explain to clients the reality behind going viral and that it isn’t always a good thing. Programmers must stress on having a long term vision and its associated benefits. The journey is slow but the rewards are huge.

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