Gear Up your business with the best PHP Coding Standards

The Internet is filled up with lots and lots of PHP Websites in which only some of them become popular. Normally PHP Websites are mostly  affected by factors like hacks, syntax and architecture. By following high coding standards it is easy to achieve the desired heights in the business. HireIndianProgrammers, the best destination to Hire PHP Programmer in India who follow the high standards of coding that benefits you. Here we have outlined the coding standards to be followed by the developers.

Avoid Short Tags in PHP Code

Some of the developers make use of the short tags instead of complete tags. This may cause problems when updating the website to the latest version or parsing the data from the server.

Naming Conventions

Don’t try to create new rules instead of following the standard rules of PHP. The developer can easily edit the elements if they use meaningful naming conventions. Hire a PHP developer who can assist you  in both updating as well as maintaining the business website.