Future of Ecommerce Platforms

Future of Ecommerce Platforms

In the recent years, the Ecommerce revolution has transformed the Indian shopping landscape. Online shopping has sharply increased post 2010. Though the value and volume of purchase has boomed, the online shopping experience per se hasn’t changed much. In this blog post, we look at some of the things dominating in tech that are likely to influence ecommerce shopping in the upcoming years.

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Going forward, the emphasis of ecommerce will be on Customer Choice.


Cloud Computing – Departure from Monolithic systems

As the number of consumers keep growing, including multiple devices, from different locations, it is imperative for ecommerce players to incorporate seamless integration and working. This means more powerful and dynamic servers, instead of a singular server handling all the traffic. No customer likes server crashes or an unresponsive in-app experience.

Customers will now be able to shop from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Shopping carts can be merged within devices. Even the kind of searches and shopping preferences can be merged with the help of the cloud. What does this ultimately result in? A hassle free online shopping experience focused on customer convenience and greater efficiency on the part of the business.


Personalised Shopping

Unlike offline retail shopping, in ecommerce, it is possible to gather fruitful insights from so much raw data of customers. Their shopping habits, preferences, purchasing parity, willingness to pay and the range of products she wishes to buy online and the list goes on. With nascent technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), work in progress technologies like Chatbot and almost fully refined technologies like Voice Search – the underlying concept being Artificial Intelligence (AI), interesting times are ahead for the ecommerce sector as a whole.

With new technologies, there are new ways of mining data and new insights that emerge subsequently. With AR, the shopping will become more personalised, allowing shoppers to try products in the same place. Chatbot allows customers to make an informative and personalised purchase decision. Voice Search allows users to make quick purchases on the go, advocating a hands-free shopping experience.



Analytics will play a leading role in the growth of ecommerce in the future. With more and more data available from multiple sources, new insights on different parameters such as shopping behaviour of the millennials, seasonal shopping, festive shopping, routine shopping.

Even the kind of time at which shoppers window shop for products, the search terms they use will provide much useful information for marketers and business people alike to formulate new strategies, promotions and chalk out suitable graphs and charts of shopping psychology. This can be later analysed to design new products.

One thing is for certain, ecommerce is here to stay and has huge potential to grow, given that traditional retail still leads the way.

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