Emergence of Chatbots – Good or Bad

More clients are hiring our dedicated mobile developers at HireIndianProgrammers – be it android development or iOS development to develop a parallel website customised for their mobile visitors. Let’s face it, mobile web development is here to grow. People are getting more comfortable browsing on their mobile for various purposes – from browsing and buying products to getting support and even conducting voice searches!

The emergence of new trends like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and so on will provide new opportunities for businesses to serve customers better than before. There has also been a growth in the number of internet businesses that primarily conduct business through mobile applications. As a result, we have been providing more mobile app development services – along with our web development services – in recent years for our clients. Our mobile app developers – both in Android and iOS have noticed a growing trend amongst our clients, especially marketers, opting for Chatbots. In this blogpost, we at HireIndianProgrammers seek to explain about Chatbots, where and how to use them and the associated benefits and ills.

Chatbots are basically virtual assistants embedded into any online application – be it mobile app or websites. Like any other virtual assistant, they help in addressing customer queries in a smart way. The Google Assistant, which many of us, are familiar with, works in a much bigger way. On the other hand, Chatbots are being implemented in several websites to make a fruitful user experience. For instance, a client hiring an android developer to orient his e-commerce website to mobile may want to implement a Chatbot application to enhance the user engagement by addressing queries in a chat conversation manner.

But here’s the catch. In our experience at handling several mobile app development projects, we can assure you that Chatbots do not address queries all the way. Certainly not to the extent of Google Assistant. Chatbots are not equipped to answer extensively. Rather, they are tuned for specific queries and adept at just that. Android developers and iOS developers would therefore do well to understand the client’s requirements with respect to the mobile application and assess whether even such an application is required.

Why, you ask? This is because users are preferring/ visiting your mobile app over others. Therefore, mobile app developers have to tread carefully while developing a Chatbot. Most often, Chatbots are not able to answer the human queries (which are wide ranging) and invariably provide a list of articles to the user. Not only does it add to the confusion, but it also forces to fend for themselves. To put it in another way, it makes for a bad user experience. The user is likely to switch to another application. The odds are greater if clients hiring mobile app developers end up implementing a Chatbot for processes where human intervention is crucial.

So, where can Chatbots be utilised productively? Mobile app developers working on Chatbots for their clients who hired them, can utilise them for simple and much importantly predictive queries. In this way, mobile app developers remove uncertainties from the system. For example, if the developer is working on an e-commerce app, he can devise a simple Chatbot at the checkout page with regard to any queries related to payment. The process can be further simplified with the provisioning of presets for customers to choose from, thereby rendering it hassle free.

Long story short, mobile app developers can look for simple and specific query tasks that can be easily achieved by a Chatbot, wherein the sample space for answers are limited. By implementing this, it also makes the conversation shorter.

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