CSS Hero – First Impressions

CSS Hero – First Impressions

Themes are important for clients selling products, services or content online. If successfully deployed, they position themselves firmly in the minds of end users, thereby retaining existing customers and attracting new customers. But how do clients who most often try to hire a WordPress developer decide on a theme? Many a time, we have come across clients distressed in finding the right theme, especially because there is a lot of competition and they need to clearly stand out. Yet another factor in consideration is the responsiveness. There are a lot of themes around in the WordPress world but almost always there is a constraint. The said plugin might be expensive or it requires the professional expertise of a developer. So in this blogpost, we will talk about our first impressions in using CSS Hero – a remarkable plugin that claims to help in customising clients’ websites with ease.

How does it work?

Using a simple point and click mechanism, all customisations on CSS Hero is done on the front end. As in a page builder, the client is able to select customisable elements of the webpage. The live editing. Perhaps the best feature of CSS Hero is that it allows clients deploy customisations separately to the original themes by creating a dedicated file. This is a boon in disguise, for in the untoward event of website crash, clients can easily revert to their earlier theme versions. Nothing can lose crucial customers such as a bad user experience.

What’s more? CSS Hero also enjoys a very wide compatibility with other themes like Divi. With respect to pricing, the plugin is not expensive in traditional terms. In fact, clients can choose from 4 different pricing plans as per their project requirements. However, they need to pay additionally with every year of license renewal. The client also gets extra support from the CSS Hero team. There is a starter plan, personal plan, pro plan, lifetime pro depending on the number of sites. Installation of the plugin is quite standard as in other plugins. Purchase, download and upload the client’s website. After which, the client can activate the license by getting the corresponding key. Customisation using the plugin can be initiated by clicking on the said button in the preview screen.

Going about Customisation

The client can click on any area of the webpage and instantly a sidebar opens up with plenty of options. For instance, by clicking on the background of the page, all related aspects of the background pop up in the sidebar. There is yet another quirky feature that allows for clients in repeating a particular customisation every time. The highlight of CSS Hero is experimentation and with provision for reverting back to prior versions, clients need to worry about getting creative till they get the desired results. They can get into modifying individual components like changing the colour of hyperlinks whenever mouse pointer is placed. Clients with certain experience of coding are also welcome to add individual snippets to existing code by clicking on the inspector tab.

Clients can easily restore their code by exporting their CSS file after minification to an external location. So resetting after this process will be cause no problems whatsoever. The support and documentation of CSS Hero is quite robust in our opinion. Novices can also easily learn using the plugin by just following the elegant tutorials that includes videos too. Want personal support? CSS Hero has got your back. The team behind the plugin can be contacted through various channels such as email, twitter, raising a ticket on the client’s account etc;


Final Thoughts

Our initial impressions tell us that CSS Hero is all about ease of use, prioritising user control that allows to elegantly choose, test and display theme changes in real time. One only needs to follow the instructions provided on the screen. In case a client is short on funds when hiring a WordPress Programmer, they can forego the process of coding themes from scratch and instead use CSS Hero.

Well, what do you think of this customisation plugin? Leave us your thoughts here.