Colour – a Cornerstone of positive UX

Colour – a Cornerstone of positive UX

A holistic web development calls for equal attention to be paid on different aspects ranging from functionality to engagement. This includes colour too. While it might be insignificant for some clients hiring a developer, in our experience at HireIndianProgrammers, we have found that colour affects user experience in indirect but surely critical ways. Therefore, clients hiring a programmer would do well to concentrate on this, for it can make or break visitor engagement. Colour is strongly linked to the kind of business and the positioning that the business hiring programmer wants to cater and project.

In light of this, our company, given that various clients hire developers from us for different projects and the resultant experience, thought to share some of the insights and issues pertaining to colour in user experience.


Targeting your demographic set

Whether it is a website or an app that the company hiring coders is designing, they need to get the right colours for the targeted demographic. This can be accomplished by consulting with both marketing teams and developers alike. For instance, men tend to engage more with dark themes while women have an affinity towards medium shades. This again changes with the culture – relevant in the context of a company selling in multiple markets.

Exhibiting ideas with colour

Ultimately all businesses that hire a web developer  to develop their website have a single goal – convey an idea and make that a compelling reason for customers to buy that idea (goods or service). In other words, businesses want to build brand equity. Colours are a key part in reinforcing these ideas in the customer’s mind. Different colours mean different things for people. For example, if the business is selling eco-friendly stationary, then hiring a programmer with the right expertise would probably result in a green themed website. In the long term, colour plays a major role. Can you possibly imagine a red coloured Internet Explorer logo?

Enhancing accessibility with colour

Colour also plays the other role of enhancing user accessibility. User accessibility is part and parcel of user engagement in a website. Therefore, a client hiring a coder, needs to incorporate colour design elements that improve navigation and engagement. This can range from simple links, buttons to sliders, transitions etc; Hiring a developer with good experience will ensure that visitors to the client’s website thoroughly enjoy the browsing experience. Having a knack for placing contrasting elements is an art in itself and provides for maximum convenience – leading more conversion rates.
We hope that this blogpost allayed some of your concerns. Frustrated about hiring a programmer who is a right fit for your web development project? Don’t fret, for you have come to the right place. At HireIndianProgrammers, you can now hire a developer to concretise your business dreams. All you need to do after hiring a coder from us is to stipulate the requirements as per your vision. Consider the rest done with the highest standards of quality, transparency and dedication.

Still not convinced? Feel free to go through our past projects and you will know where we, at HireIndianProgrammers stand.

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