What makes OpenCart the First Choice for E-commerce Development?

When you are planning to set up an E-commerce store you don’t need to compromise on the quality of the website. It doesn’t matter how small or big your business is you have to select the right platform to achieve your business goals. You can go for OpenCart platform which is one of the most popular E-commerce CMS that offers you the best results. Let us take a look…

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Why your website isn’t generating leads

Websites are meant to make a profit for your business. It is a sobering moment for the business person when he/she understands that the business isn’t having enough leads even when the traffics is high. How long will you wait to identify the cause of the problem your website has? A week? It is the right time to change something to increase the leads for your business.…

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Don’t look for reasons – Migrate your Enterprise website to WordPress (cont.)

Bring up to date

Technology is getting updated day by day. To keep your website with the modern trends WordPress is regularly updated. Once your website is developed by the professionals then further you don’t need assistance while updating your website. You can Hire a Web Developer from reputed companies like HireIndianProgrammers to design a user-friendly…

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Don’t look for reasons – Migrate your Enterprise website to WordPress

It can be tempting to think that any web development platform delivers the best experience to the users and it can drive more traffic for your business, miserably, it isn’t always the case. No web development platforms are the same, it may differ based on the type of business.  Are you not satisfied with the performance of the site? Are you looking to migrate…

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Key Metrics for apps to ensure its Market fit (Cont.)

Number of Downloads

To achieve success in the mobile app, the key metric you should never forget to determine is the number of downloads. Once the user starts seeing your app in the store they simply download it and use. When the user feels happy about your application they suggest it to their friends. If the number of downloads has increased over a particular period…

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Key Metrics for apps to ensure its Market fit

Brands started developing a mobile application to meet the requirements of the customers as well as to increase the ROI of their business. There are billions of apps available in the play store with more than 40 billion downloads. Do you think the metrics like clicks and rating are enough to assess the success of the mobile apps? Nope, there are number of factors…

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Why do users uninstall your Apps? (Cont.)

Privacy Concern

Privacy is the important concern for the people who install new mobile application. You have to give a secured feeling to the people while demanding the personal information. Try to reduce the number of permissions you have asked with respect to privacy. Create your own privacy policy and make sure you are not asked for any irrelevant information…

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