Approach / Process

Our ability to form and deliver best website solutions which is based on the expertise and the processes we have developed through many years of strategically planning, designing, developing and implementing the sophisticated website.

Our guys have great experience in software design,development and managing the resources involved in a large software design and development project. This section of proposal describes an approach that we would take to define and document the requirements of the project and develop, test and launch the new web site.

Basically all of our projects organized into the following steps

Analyse and Design

The project we we are primarily interested in working closely with our clients to discover and clearly define the functional and business requirements for the new website. During this phase of this project we begin to design the graphical layout of the website and make the technical functional oriented document and database and navigation document. After preparing these document, we will send those document to client for approval. After client got these document and he will involve the changes and modification. Once everything gets fine, we will start the further process. And also we will document lthe profile for the target audience and define and document the new site map. The specific deliverable for this step of the project is an internal design and functional requirements document to be used by the developers in developing the application, and the graphic designers in designing the creative and producing the individual pages of content that comprise the web site.

Application Development

After determine the requirements in the first step, we will go for the development process for the new goal. The development process where the developer codes all of the functional part of the web site and works closely with the designer to integrate the creative with the functionality section. Specifically the developer is programming for features of the site. The graphic designer and the developer are often unit testing their work to make sure it demands with the requirements of the project.

System and User Acceptance Testing

We give the new web site to our internal QA team for testing  to validate all the functionality in the application as developed has met all of the requirements as documented. Once the testing  is completed, the web site is deployed to our production servers and released to the client for UAT (User acceptance testing).  Once all deficiencies have been corrected and any new changes implemented, the web site is then redeployed to production server, thoroughly tested again at which time the web site is ready for public launch and ongoing support.

Site Launch and Support

Finally, we will launch the website and install SSL certificate if they require. Our experience has shown that in the first few days of the site being “live” is when most of the updates and changes will become apparent and be implemented. And we will give support to our Clients as tech wise.